EA Play arrives on Steam later this month

EA Play now comes to Steam

O EA Play, previously just the official name of the annual event held by Electronic Arts, is now the new name for the company’s subscription service, which was previously known as Origin Access on the PC and EA Access on the islands.

The brand overhaul arrives just in time for the service to arrive on Steam, now scheduled to happen on August 31. The publisher also provided a recap of the benefits of the subscription.


Your dedication deserves a reward

Unlock exclusive rewards and exclusive content for subscribers.
There’s always something new to play

Get instant access to a collection of EA’s best games.

Try new

Play new selected EA titles for up to 10 hours.
Get more for less

Save 10% on EA digital purchases, from full games to DLCs. Subscribers can download and test selected new games from Electronic Arts for a limited time before launch. With the subscription, you’ll be able to play the latest and greatest EA titles before everyone else. And since you are going to test the game for real, not a demo, your progress will be maintained, and you can continue where you left off if you decide to buy the game.