EA reveals next-generation Dragon Age 4, Battlefield 6, and Need for Speed ​​teaser

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X games

O EA Play Live focused mainly on new games released in 2020; however, EA has brought a number of great games currently in development to consoles of the next generation of popular franchises, including Need for Speed, Battlefield and Dragon Age.

EA studio director Laura Miele took a moment at the end of the show to announce that EA is working hard on “new stories, new experiences and new gameplay” for next generation consoles, including the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. No games have been officially revealed, the new concept art and pre-production gameplay has been shown at several AAA studios, including BioWare, DICE, Criterion and Motive.

Based on the images shown, it is not difficult to guess what some of these games might be. Footage was shown of what is clearly a new Need for Speed, Dragon Age 4 and Battlefield 6.