EA’s license agreement with Porsche expires this year

Since 2000, Porsche vehicles in racing games have been almost exclusively restricted to EA titles.

Some circumvented this by using vehicles from the Ruf brand, while others first had to come to an agreement with EA in order to be able to use Porsche cars.

That will now change, however, as a recent report from Speedmaniacs shows. Accordingly, the license agreement ends this year.

Specifically, it says: According to Sebastian you have always followed what’s going on in relation to gaming away from EA. The license with EA expires this year, because together they came to the conclusion that the current situation is no longer desirable for both sides. Dealing with other game developers will change accordingly. After 10 years of absence from thoroughbred simulations, one wants to ‘position oneself more broadly’ again. “

So count on Porsche in more racing games in the future.