It continues with the side missions that you can find in the domed city of Abessa.

Right to stay / drive out the separatists

Talk to Caleb in Abessa and listen to his request: He has a problem with various separatists that he wants to get rid of. Travel to the west of the game world, preferably to the fast travel point “Small Farm” or “Relict” and you only have to walk a few meters to the domed city. First on the list is Jorg; he reports his version of the story. The second person is Fenk and an Alb that your character knows very well.

Now you can either take the side of Jorg or Fenk (this is where “Equal Rights for All” starts) and testify accordingly to Caleb. This ends “Drive Out the Separatists” and you get 200 splinters and 500 experience.

The songbird / equal rights for all

If you decide to stand by Fenk’s side, you have to tell Jorg that he will testify accordingly. Without a corresponding value in ‘Suggestion’ (or the central answer “I was a fool”), however, it does not work and Jorg still testifies against Fenk. So you need to be taught by a clerical teacher or choose the appropriate answer if you want to walk this path. Caleb is angry about this, but Fenk is happy that he can stay in town. He also gives you 500 splinters with 500 experience.

A strange mechanism

After you got your hands on the strange key (from Vito, the bartender from the domed city), with which this mission starts, go to the west of the domed city, roughly to the area where Fenk hugs around, and look for the tower . There is a fire bowl with a strange mechanism at about the point where the marking points. You can interact with this if you have the key with you. A flap opens.

Use the ladder down into the sewer where you will meet Darius. Since you have the key with you, it lets you through. Collect the amulet of the all-rounder from the side table next to the bed and talk to Hector. At Grisu you can also sell stolen goods and take the weapon “Power of the Regent” with you. You can join the claws, a thieves’ guild hidden here, which will also bring the mission “The claws” to an end.

On behalf of the claws

So you decided to work for the Thieves’ Guild? Fine. Go to the so-called order chest and take the thief mission: supply boxes from Goliet. This starts the sub-mission “steal from it”. Learn claws at Yasma level 1, so that you can control pickpocketing to a certain extent, and you are first of all equipped.

Steal from it

Travel to Goliet and go to the tavern. Sneak up to the landlord behind the counter and take Dran’s cellar key from him, but hurry up so that your actions don’t startle anyone. Besides, nobody is allowed to see you there. Save beforehand to be sure. The whole thing is admittedly quite tricky, but if you come in the night, a) there is less going on and b) it is then in front of the house and you can steal it from inside.

Do you have the key, you leave the tavern and go down the stairs. Almost exactly under the house is the entrance to a kind of wine cellar. There, the key that has just been stolen fits into a keyhole. With it you open a hidden hatch in a room below. Loot it – there is also a neat broadsword – and don’t forget the four supply crates.

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