Elite: Dangerous Postpones Next Era Update

In a forum post, developer Frontier Developments announced that the Next Era update for Elite: Dangerous has been postponed to the beginning of 2021.

The postponement comes after the developer had to rework its roadmap in the longer term during this ‘uncertain period’. With the update, the company wants to ‘create an incredible new gaming experience while not compromising the safety of the team’.

Fortunately, there will be plenty of other new Elite: Dangerous content coming this year. For example, the Fleet Carrier beta for PC is now underway and console players will also have the opportunity to get started with the same beta in May. Both trial versions last until June, when the developer will officially roll out the Fleet Carrier update.

The developer is also working on three new games. This week, Frontier Developments announced an Age of Sigmar-RTS. In addition, the company is working on an unannounced game and a Formula 1 management title.