World War Z was another of the titles added some time ago to the Epic Games Store (this was done on April 16, to be more exact), and it has already proved to be something advantageous. The proof of this is that according to Matthew Karch, executive director of the production company Saber Interactive, the title sold 700 thousand copies only in the digital store for PC.

With that amount, sales of the game rise to around two million units acquired, with Epic Games’ digital store already becoming the best in terms of digital acquisitions for World War Z.

“We always believed that the game would find something good if it eventually won a PC version. The surprise was just how quickly everything happened, and how important the Epic Games Store was to help us get to that point, ”commented Karch in an interview with the PC Games N.

The executive also commented that the PC version of the game “is performing above expectations” thanks to the support of Epic Games Stores, and that he cannot understand why some people oppose the Epic Games store.

“We don’t see anything against it when a company creates a game that is exclusive to its platform, and buying a console just because of a title is something that generates a lot more expenses. I hope that with the equalities that exist in PCs, we will not hear many things in this direction in the future ”, he concluded.

World War Z is available in versions for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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