Among the many reasons why many people are still reluctant to switch from Steam to the Epic Games Store – or use both software – is the apparent lack of promotions on the new platform. Since it was launched, all added games are sold at full price, which makes life more difficult for those who need to save money (especially when the store still sells everything for dollars).

Fortunately, it looks like Epic Games will fix at least that flaw in the near future. After Fortnite’s Twitter profile stated that a big promotion is already underway, the company reinforced that its “Epic Mega Sale” should make its debut soon, but has not released a date for that to happen.

We look forward to sharing more info about the Epic Mega Sale soon!

– Epic Games (@EpicGames) May 14, 2019

Among the attractions of the promotion may be a special $ 10 credit that will be provided to all accounts that have enabled 2-step authentication. In addition to being the necessary path to enter the Fortnite universe on the PC, the store currently holds exclusive titles such as Metro Exodus, Hades and Borderlands 3, among others.

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