Epic Games has revealed details of the new High Stakes limited time event starting next week in Battle Royale mode. In High Stakes, you and your friends compete in teams to collect valuable jewels.

Epic Games reveals more details about the new event in Fortnite: Battle Royale. High Stakes, as the new festival in Fortnite will be called, has players compete against each other to collect jewels. The shiny stones are in safes that fall from the sky in typical Fortnite style; they are delivered as a supply drop in the folder.

When you get a gem, get it to the getaway from somewhere on the map as quickly as possible. The first four teams that get the beautiful, glittering apple of the eye into the van – without being shot by one of the other teams on the way – win the game.

Epic Games has built in three challenges with the Getaway game type, each of which gives you a reward: by playing 10 Getaway matches you will receive 5000 XP and by taking 500 kills on someone transporting a gem you will receive a unique spray called the Wild Card outfit. . If you manage to get hold of a diamond in five matches, you will receive a contrail that will leave a trail of bills during the skydive. Finally, you get a crowbar as a harvesting tool when you complete all challenges.

In addition to the rewards that can be earned, you can also buy some High Stakes cosmetics. The Wildcard outfit is accompanied by different masks, which depict the symbols on playing cards. These hearts, clover, spades and diamond masks can be bought, as can the back bling cosmetic called Cuff Case, which lets you walk through the map like a real bank robber, complete with suitcase and handcuff. The new Safe Cracker Glider completes the High Stakes cosmetic set.

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