Dozens of applications are having problems on iOS due to a serious failure of Facebook, which is also not the first time that has happened. If applications like Spotify, TikTok, Pinterest or Tinder are giving you problems, the fault is of the great social network.

This is a bug in the Facebook SDK, which is once again causing major third-party apps like TikTok and Spotify to crash when the app is opened on iOS. There are tons of third-party apps that integrate with the Facebook SDK to enable certain functions, such as logging in from the social network account, analysis, or inclusion of the Facebook ad platform.

For that reason, If the Facebook SDK suffers an error, hundreds of applications stop working correctly, and in today’s case, they stop opening and being able to function. The only solution is for Facebook to fix this bug, and until it does, these applications won’t work.

There’s another facebook SDK issue that lead’s to our iOS app to crash on launch again along with major apps like Spotify & Pinterest 🔥 @fb_engineering

– Peter Juras (@peterjuras) July 10, 2020

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Second ruling in a matter of months

In the month of May Facebook already had a similar failure leaving hundreds of applications in limbo, now it has just happened again. The Facebook SDK is very popular and widely used in the iOS app ecosystem, turning a small problem into a very serious one. If throughout the day you have seen errors in some of your apps, you already know why.

Facebook has communicated that you are already working on the problem and it will probably be fixed over the next few hours. However, it is a serious failure, which has also been repeated twice so far this year. It is clear that there is too much dependence on the social network and that Facebook does not have these tools very polished.

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