A little more than a month after the release of PES 2019, the World Finals of PES 2018. An eagerly awaited and heartfelt appointment, being the culmination of a long season, which brought the best players in the world around the planet, in order to guarantee themselves a chance for qualification. This year was a particularly tough and competitive tournament, so much so that the outgoing world champion, the Brazilian GuiFera, was unable to qualify.

Only eight players, in fact, had access to the final stages which, for the first time, also had a team tournament. Ettore “Ettorito97” Giannuzzi, one of the best known and strongest players in the competitive PES scene, was present in both tournaments as a major favorite. Ettorito97, in fact, was World Champion in 2011 and vice-champion in 2010, in 2014 and last year. Together with the Spaniard Alex Alguacil and the other Italian Luca “ildistriatore-44” Tubelli, he is also part of Broken Silence, the team that qualified with the number one seed.

Once again, Barcelona was the setting for the event, the city in which Gerard Pique, the defender of the Blaugrana and the Spanish national team, has most of his commercial interests. To organize the tournament, in fact, is the EMR, a company owned by him that aims to create an eSport league formed only by professional clubs. The event was played inside the Cupula, an old bullring transformed into a multipurpose center.

The 2018 PES League World Finals were held in Barcelona.

Unlike what happens in the FIFA World Series, the PES World Finals are concentrated in a single day, making the tournament challenging both emotionally and mentally. Especially for those who, like Ettorino97 and Alex Alguacil, had to play in both categories. To complicate matters further there is the direct confrontation formula which, in the single player tournament, makes every match decisive and risks distorting the balance of power.

And that’s what was about to happen to Broken Silence during the semi-final of the cooperative tournament. The Italian-Spanish team, in fact, went down 3-0 in the debut match against TopPESBrasil, before closing the ranks and starting to grind the game again. This was not enough for them to bring home the match (lost 3-2), but it laid the foundations for the next two matches, won without major worries, but with a small case. The Brazilians, in fact, believed that the team tournament was also a single elimination and they thought they had passed the round after the first match. With consequent controversy and psychological backlash.

The Broken Silence, however, thanks to this victory they acquire new confidence and arrive in the final again with the favors of the prediction. The first game they win 1 to zero, creating a lot and risking very little. The Dutch of Total Football, however, show that the victory in the semifinals against the French team Neo eSports did not come by chance. They immediately took the lead and, after being down in the score, recaptured the match in the final minutes. We go to penalties, but five shots are not enough. Alex Alguacil breaks the equilibrium, but it’s up to our Ettorito97 to close the accounts with a nice save by Peter Cech, who gives him, Luca Tobelli and Alex Alguacil the first team world championship of PES 2018.

The eight finalists of the PES League World Finals 2018.

Not even time to rest and two of the three world champions had to take off the Broken Silence uniform, forget the friendship that binds them and think only of the World Champion title up for grabs. The first to take the field was Alex Alguacil who found himself facing the very strong Frenchman TioMiit_PW, the number one in the world. For the Spaniard, things do not seem to go the right way, as TioMiit immediately took the lead with Neymar. In the final minutes, however, the home athlete progressively takes the field and, first grabs the equalizer with a shot from outside Maitland-Niles, then scores the winning goal with Lacazette.

The second semifinal sees the other team world champion, Ettorito97, confronting the Brazilian expert FMestre12_PW. It is a cross-fertilization, as the two members of Broken Silence had to play against as many members of PW, an eSports organization that also includes another famous PES player: Christopher_PW. The game, however, immediately turns to the best with Giannuzzi who immediately takes the lead thanks to a goal from Aubameyang. The disadvantage throws the Brazilian into panic who first scores a sensational own goal and then risks a couple of times to suffer 3-0. And the first half wasn’t over yet.

The World Champion Ettorito97 raises the second trophy of the evening.

In the second half the score did not change, with our compatriot grinding the game and having scoring chances and the Brazilian in such difficulty that he did not become dangerous even on counterattacks. The result, however, does not change and the match ends with a comfortable 2-0 in favor of our compatriot. It will be a final between friends.

Both contenders know each other by heart, just as they know the opposing team by heart: Arsenal. The first part of the match is incredibly fought with Ettorito97 having the first chances. However, Alex Alguacil has the clearest chances with a goal disallowed because one of his offside players blocks the ball on Ettorito97’s goal line and a sensational post.

The recovery, however, reads another score. Ettore Giannuzzi immediately took the lead with a nice lob and doubled shortly after on a short rebound from the goalkeeper. The Spaniard therefore knows he has no more hope and suffers a 3-0 on the counterattack. In this way Ettorito graduated twice World Champion, took home about 76,000 dollars in prize money and proves to be one of the strongest PES 2018 players ever.

The sky is blue over Barcelona.

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