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Everything we hope to see in Apple’s September 2020 keynote

Everything we hope to see in Apple’s September 2020 keynote

The Apple keynote of September 2020 will be held in just 24 hours and it will be a rather atypical event. The world situation in 2020 has forced to change everyone’s plans, including Apple itself.

That’s why this can be a surprising event, as Apple could present just about anything. Although it is true that rumors indicate new iPad and Apple Watch, we can’t take anything for granted.

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What will Apple present?

The rumors of the last few weeks have been quite mixed. No filter is capable of ensuring with certainty all the devices and news that Apple could reveal.

That is why we have thought of making a list, ordered from highest to lowest probability, with all the devices and news that could come in the Apple keynote. Odds are based on rumors in recent weeks.

Apple Watch: 99% probability

Is practically confirmed that we will see new Apple Watch in the Apple keynote. And we say in the plural because it is possible that Apple will launch not only the Series 6, but also a new, more affordable entry model.

New iPad: 90% probability

Another of the devices that can practically be confirmed. Apparently, we will see two new iPad in this keynote: on the one hand a refreshed iPad Air and on the other an update of the input model.

Aple One: 70% chance

Apple has registered this brand in several markets over the past few days, so it looks like it will be another of the guests at Apple’s September keynote.

In principle it will be a service that will bring together several Apple subscriptions. It could be quite customizable so that we could get, for example, Apple TV +, Apple Music and Apple Arcade in a more affordable package.

AirTags: 60% probability

The device that has been filtered the longest, in each keynote there are chances that it will appear, but so far we have not seen it. The AirTags will be small devices that we can place together with our belongings so as not to lose them. From the iPhone we can see where they are and emit sounds.

iOS 14: 40% probability

iOS 14 is already in the eighth beta, and sure Apple reveals the release date in the keynote. It is difficult to present it right after the event, as there is no Golden Master version of the beta yet, but there are possibilities.

AirPods Studio: 30%

Another highly rumored device. This new generation of AirPods it will totally change the design since it will be of the headband type, similar to Apple’s own Beats headphones.

It’s known that they will be launched before the end of 2020, but its date is unknown. The few rumors claim that Apple saves them for an upcoming event, but you never know.

iPhone 12: 10%

We all thought that the keynote would focus on the iPhone 12, but Apple’s most reliable leaker, Mark Gurman, ensures that the new models will not be presented now and that will be delayed to a keynote in october.

Gurman has very good information, which makes us almost completely rule out the presence of the iPhone 12 in this September keynote. Of course, the next event will be focused exclusively on them.

Is about a strange keynote, it will be held online and anything can happen. However, this is the most likely Apple would come up with, according to the company’s leakers.