Just a few more days and the highly anticipated Pokémon Let’s Go will be released. Is it Pokémon Go? Is it the RPG as we know it? Laura Jenny locked herself in a pokeball for five days to learn what you need to know about this new pocket monster title.

We’re going back to basics in Game Freaks Pokémon Let’s Go. We are back in the Kanto region and instead of the 58 million Pokémon that the world now has, we will do it with only the 151 first generation Pokémon (yes, finally another excuse to be able to brag with the Poké rap ). It’s sort of a remake of Pokémon Yellow, but not at all. Incidentally, the Mega Evolutions and Alolan variants (from X, Y, Omega Ruby, Alpha, Sapphire, Sun and Moon) are also included. Oh, and there’s a new Steel Pokémon in the game: Meltan.

Very simply, you follow the same story as you have already done fifteen times: you are a Pokémon trainer and you walk through the entire region looking for other trainers to fight with. Because those trainers have increasingly stronger Pokémon with them, it’s important that you try to catch a lot of Pokémon along the way in order to keep winning that battle. In itself it is all quite known, but there are differences.

Happy happy Joy Joy-Con

However, it is not as flat as it was then, as the graphics are completely 3D. This allows you to view the Pokémon in their full glory. The controls are also different, you now have a Joy-Con in your hands as if it were a Wii Remote. To move around and select Pokémon and attacks you use the analog sticks and buttons, but if you are going to catch a Pokémon, the game becomes a bit more like Pokémon Go. You then use the motion controls to throw Pokéballs and you don’t fight them like you used to.

When you catch a wild Pokémon, you get XP based on the quality of your toss bonuses. There are also ‘candies’ to be earned, which you can use to boost your Pokémon’s stats, such as attack power or speed. You must hand in any captured Pokémon to Professor Oak. Nice that the good man is back for a while.

Catch Pokémon together

So it’s mostly the same as it used to be, but then that Pokémon Go element comes in when you want to catch a wild Poké beast. If you don’t think it seems that cool to make strange hand movements in a full train, then it is also possible to play with the Joy-Con on your Switch. The gyroscope is used to aim the Pokéball, but it is launched with the push of a button. If you play with two people (yep, that is also possible!) Then you must of course use them separately: one has a Joy-Con in hand and the other the other Joy-Con. You can then throw Pokéballs together to increase the chances of catching the Pokémon. By the way, you can also use a Pokéball Plus instead of a Joy-Con when catching the pocket monsters.

If you want to play with others who are not sitting on your couch, you can. You can use Wifi to participate in battles and you can trade Pokémon there. Quite important, otherwise you probably won’t be able to save all Pokémon. Why? There is a Pikachu! And an Eevee! Variant, where you not only have a different starter Pokémon, but you also encounter other types along the way. So if you want Pokémon from the Eevee variant, you will have to trade it via WiFi (or locally). You can also import the first generation Pokémon from Go into Let’s Go via Bluetooth, but not the other way around

Pikachu is your pet

I still have to tell you the best part of the game. That’s about Pikachu and Eevee, the starter Pokémon. You can put on funny outfits and cuddle them. I know you want it. And they wiggle their tail when there is something beautiful nearby. Was that it? Well when it comes to your ‘pets’, but there is one more thing to say that is too bizarre: you can ride on certain Pokémon to traverse the Kanto region a little faster. We do not yet know exactly which ones are, but it is certainly fascinating. And a bit pathetic, right? From Friday the 16th we will experience it, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Enjoy!

In this serial we dive into more upcoming games in the coming months. Which one, we will keep that secret for a while. Until then!

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