Exploit in WoW – a player without armor kills enemies “on an arrow”

Rextroy is a World of Warcraft player who is also active on YouTube, where he posts tips and achievements in the game. Last week he posted a video in which he used an exploit during a raid and defeated a boss with one blow, dealing 115 million damage. This time, he found a way to kill other players with a single attack without any armor.

Gear and the possibility of acquiring better and better equipment play a big role in RPG and MMORPG games. Character statistics are not only raised by leveling up, often it is the equipment that has a decisive influence on the hero’s strength or endurance.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth uses a stat scaling system that makes players less equipped, the more the game boosts their attacks and skills. As a result, the naked character receives a huge buff, reaching even more than 200% of the base parameters; additionally, the probability of successful critical hits increases as well. In practice, it works correctly, but Rextroy found that the buff with equal power also works on disposable weapons such as grenades. Their stats are constant and independent of what the character is wearing, and when additionally affected by a buff, they become, to say the least, greatly exaggerated. Especially since they deal damage not to one opponent, but to everyone within a certain range.

It was this exploit that was used by Rextroy. He noted that the rule also applied to attacking means of transport and promised to investigate this in the next film.

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The oversight has already been fixed by the devs, but if you’re curious to see what an almost naked paladin looks like when it blows its enemies down, you can check out the Rextroy movie, posted above. Additional details regarding this exploit are also included in the description.

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