Apple has registered a new patent indicating that they are working on implementing the technology Face ID on MacBook Pro and iMac.

Just as Touch ID began to be integrated into the iPhone before it reached the iPad, it seems that the company’s facial recognition of the apple logo will do the same until it reaches the Mac. Recall that Apple’s MacBook already incorporated Touch ID and now it’s Face ID’s turn.

The patent is titled “Light Recognition Module Determining a User of a Computing Device” and has been registered as patent number 20200097747.

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Apple’s new patent

The images of the patent show us the screen of a MacBook and an iMac with an embedded upper frame (like the notch of the latest iPhone models) where facial recognition sensors would be included.

The patent highlights the privacy of users and how they store very important data on their computers, so facial recognition would help them keep that privacy safe.

“To prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive data, these computing devices could incorporate systems and mechanisms to authenticate users.”

The patent also informs about how difficult it is to incorporate this type of technology in a terminal. It hints that these mechanisms must be compact and thin due to the little space available in the internal cavities of the devices.

Although the patent is focused on the use of facial recognition in laptops, it also includes a conceptual image of an iMac monitor. What do you think about this curious Apple patent? Would you like them to include Face ID on their computers?

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