Facebook accounts with fake names are at risk of losing Oculus content

  • A lock on Facebook threatens the loss of Oculus content
  • It may also no longer be possible to use the headset
  • Some details are still being worked on

From October 2020, Facebook is betting that you will need a Facebook account to use an Oculus VR headset.

A step that caused a lot of criticism, especially from users who actually don’t want to have a Facebook account. Previous owners of an Oculus headset still have until 2023 to link their Oculus account to a Facebook account.

Here and there the suggestion came up to simply create a Facebook account with a fake name. However, like other policy violations, this could create problems for you.

The use of a fake name could lead to you losing this account and thus also access to your headset. Of course, this also applies to other violations in VR or in other Facebook products where the account is used.

“If you log in with your Facebook account or merge your Oculus and Facebook accounts and violate the Facebook community standards, the rules of conduct in the VR guidelines or other conditions and guidelines on one of our platforms, access to or the use of Oculus products will be affected, “said a statement from Facebook to Road to VR.

Anyone who uses an Oculus headset with a Facebook account should be good.

“If an account is completely disabled as a result of this violation, you may lose access to yours as well . We are committed to making all of our platforms more secure. “

Permanent bans will only be given in the event of serious violations, but minor offenses can also lead to temporary bans of up to 30 days.

The company has not yet been able to comment on further details, for example whether blocked accounts can continue to play offline or whether access to the headset is permanently lost, as these details are still being worked out. More details should follow in October.

Meanwhile, the sale of Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S in Germany is currently suspended. The reason for this is the aforementioned changes and the associated discussions with the supervisory authorities.

Yesterday the new Oculus Quest 2 was leaked, which will be officially announced tomorrow.