Facebook announces that it will merge Messenger with Instagram direct messages, allowing cross messages between the two

Facebook is a company that has among its platforms three of the largest messaging applications in the world: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram (via their ‘direct messages’). And now, it has decided to undertake a notable change in the operation of two of them, proceeding to its merger.

WhatsApp is -for now- a separate issue, but Stan Chudnovski, director of Instagram, confirmed today at a press conference that the internal messaging of the popular photos and videos application will now be integrated into Facebook Messenger.

This step will be implemented progressively, offering more and more users the option to take the step, but for now allowing the user to choose the operation he prefers, although everything indicates that it will end up being an unavoidable step in the near future.

But, as the company clarifies, it will not reach all users of both apps for “a few months”.

The new functions that Instagram receives

The question you will be asking yourself is without a doubt: “What changes will this integration bring with respect to how everything worked until now?”.

First of all, obviously, Instagram and Messenger users they will be able to start exchanging messages with each other, even if they do not have one of the two applications.

Second, and as a way to convince Instagram users, the ‘direct messages’ of this app will integrate most of the extra functionalities that were already present in Facebook Messenger:

  • ‘Ephemeral mode’: messages that self-destruct after being read or after closing the chat … and that send us a warning if our interlocutor takes a screenshot.

  • The use of ‘selfie stickers’.

  • The use of the tool ‘Watch together’ to view videos together during a video call.

  • Reactions with custom emojis, as a way of giving a quick answer.

  • Chat color customization.

  • ‘Forwarding’: makes it easy to share the same content simultaneously with several friends or groups.