Fall Guys: Cheat by means of family sharing, fraudsters used steam exploit

  • Mediatonic deactivates family sharing
  • Was used for cheats and exploits
  • Temporarily disabled

We recently reported that Fall Guys had a problem with cheaters and hackers.

Given the huge success of the game, it is hardly surprising that it also attracts scammers.

A current measure by the developer Mediatonic is now to temporarily deactivate the family sharing feature of Steam, as it has been misused for exploits and cheats.

“We have found that fraudsters are using family sharing to circumvent our ban system on Steam by creating new accounts and sharing them with themselves,” the studio wrote on Twitter. “Therefore we unfortunately had to deactivate this for the time being. It should help massively with the problems with cheaters!”

Among other things, cheaters increase their speed, teleport themselves or fly, which of course is not fun for the others. Some people even deliberately sabotaged their own games to punish the cheaters on their team.

Let’s hope the measure turns out to be effective.

You can count on the first details of the second season in Fall Guys today during the gamescom Opening Night Live.

Most recently, the beans from the game also appeared in Skyrim and Resident Evil 3 Remake aut with the help of mods.

However, here are some useful Fall Guys tips and tricks.

You can buy Fall Guys from the PlayStation Store (19.99 euros) or download it for free with PS Plus.

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We discovered cheaters were using Family-Sharing to get around our banning system on Steam by creating new accounts and sharing with themselves, so we’ve unfortunately had to disable that for now.

It should massively help with the cheating issues though!

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