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Fall Guys could have a crossover with Fortnite, according to dataminers

Fall Guys could have a crossover with Fortnite, according to dataminers

A leak of the Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout files points to a crossover with Fortnite.

The game genre Battle royale is booming, and without a doubt two of the best representatives are Fall Guys and Fortnite. In recent months we have seen many crossovers of both games with different sagas, but … what if they both had your own crossover?

Well, it is closer than ever to being a reality. Or so it claims a well-known dataminer, who have found clear references to Fortnite in the Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout files. It is shared by a Twitter account specialized in leaks and Fortnite news.

Specifically, this dataminer has found some fortnite character files, although for the moment neither Mediatonic nor Epic Games have confirmed this collaboration. However, we’ve had these kinds of leaks with Doom in the past, and it eventually came true.

Fortnite X Fall Guys will be coming in the future!

Some new strings were just added to the Fall Guys content system:
fortnite_01 – Llama
fortnite_02 – Cuddle Team Leader
fortnite_03 – Peely
fortnite_04 – Bunny Brawler
fortnite_05 – Ripley # Fortnite

– Max // Fortnite Leaks (@FNLeaksAndInfo) February 5, 2021

As you will already know if you play Fall Guys, these are costumes that we can use in the fun tests of the PS4 and PC game, as we already saw with Sonic or Godzilla. It is about five Fortnite characters: Llama, Cuddle Team Leader, Peely, Bunny Brawler and Ripley.

Although there is no official confirmation, it is very possible that a crossover between Fall Guys and Fortnite become reality. Both games share characteristics, play style and casual aesthetics, and it is very common for them to do collaborations with other sagas and iconic characters.

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In the responses to the tweet of the leak by FNLeaksAndInfo, there are even users who claim that it will also arrive content based on Among Us, although this information is not confirmed either. In the end, they are very similar games, and given their popularity, nothing can be ruled out.

You would like to see fortnite costumes in Fall Guys? Remember that the Epic game is available for all platforms, but Fall Guys is only on PS4 and PC at the moment, although Mediatonic could release the title on Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles this year.

Source: VG247