• The anti-cheat system landed cheaters in Fall Guys on a cheater island
  • There they competed against each other or got stuck in matchmaking forever
  • The cheater island no longer exists, but new anti-cheat measures will be introduced soon

As part of the initial anti-cheat measures in Fall Guys, developer Mediatonic secretly sent scammers to a special island of cheaters.

The game started with an anti-cheat system that was active in the background at the beginning and identified cheaters but not yet blocked them.

The studio wanted to make sure that there were no false hits. Then the cheater island was launched, which is described as a “magical place”, “where cheaters could happily fight against themselves for the cheater’s crown. Just a normal crown in the truest sense of the word, but with a hollow feeling fraught with guilt and regret. “

Confirmed cheaters ended up on the cheater island during matchmaking for their next game. The problem (or luck) about it: there weren’t enough cheaters to get the 40 participants required to start the game together.

Cheaters landed in an endless “failing” sequence during matchmaking. Anyone who complained about this problem presented themselves as a cheater.

Here’s another video that we think is Cheater Island

The person recording isn’t cheating …

Either they didn’t cheat, just for the video …

Or it’s a genuine server and a legit player …

Either way, it makes the game look bad pic.twitter.com/wxTyIA9Urr

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Last week “something exciting happened” and for the first time a match took place on Cheater Island. Since then, several videos have surfaced illustrating the chaos that has resulted.

As entertaining as it is to watch: According to the developers, Fall Guys makes it look bad without context, so Cheater Island no longer exists.

The fight against cheaters continues and Epic’s anti-cheat solution is to be implemented in the next update. “Our cheat detection system was good, but we weren’t expecting that many players ..”, they say. And we had no idea how far some players would go for it. “

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Fall Guys (19.99 euros) for the PS4 is available in the PlayStation Store.

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