Fall Guys: Unlock all trophies and achievements – This is how you get platinum

Aside from the struggle for survival, you can do a lot Collect trophies in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on PS4 and PC . You will probably get most of the successes on your own if you play Fall Guys, but there are also more complex tasks such as achieving five wins in a row or tasks that take some time, such as qualifying for 500 game rounds. For some trophies you have to invite other players into a group or rely on your luck. Which trophies there are in Fall Guys and how you can unlock them, you can find out below on this page.

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All achievements and how you unlock them in the overview

So far there are a total of 35 trophies, which are divided into 21 bronze trophies, 8 silver trophies, 5 gold trophies and 1 platinum trophy. There are no hidden trophies in Fall Guys, there are a few challenges that are really tough.

Attention: The trophies in Fall Guys are currently only available in English. It is not yet clear whether and when they will be translated into German. We translate the requirement for you in the following, so that you know what you have to do for success.

All bronze trophies in Fall Guys

  • Ahead of the pack – Be first in a race round (team rounds are excluded).
  • Bargain bucket – Equip an unusual or better body color, pattern, upper and lower costume.
  • Big Air – Collect a total of one hour of fall time.
  • Big Bully – Knock someone down! You can grab other players or jump on them to throw them off balance.
  • Big tease – Perform an emote just before you finish a race lap first.
  • Down to the wire – Qualify after a round goes into overtime.
  • Face first – Qualify in a race round even though you fell more than ten times.
  • Case of Bae – Hugging another case guy. To do this, players have to hold down the grasp button. It’s best to do this with friends in a group.
  • Fall throttle – Reaches a high speed
  • Flawless Victory – Qualify for another round without falling once.
  • Low baller – Qualify in a team game with a score of 1.
  • One small trip – Qualify for one more round in round 1.
  • One to watch – Reached fame level 10 during one season.
  • Show off – Wins an episode with an equipped custom theatricality (can be selected like outfits in the tab with the hanger).
  • Snowflake – Equip your first cosmetic item. To do this, select the tab with the clothes hanger symbol in the main menu and then switch to “Outfits”.
  • Squad Goals – Win an episode as part of a party with three or more players. Here’s how to invite players to Fall Guys.
  • Stumble chums – Bump into fellow Fall Guys 1,000 times in total.
  • Style points – Fall for at least three seconds before landing on your head.
  • Top tier – Win seven episodes.
  • Troublemaker – Bump into three other players while rolling on the ground and before getting up again.
  • Victory! – Win your first episode.

All silver trophies in Fall Guys

  • catwalk model – Equip your first legendary cosmetic item.
  • Fall Guy Fashionista – Unlocks 50 cosmetic items in the store.
  • Golden Guy – Win 20 episodes.
  • Household name – Reach fame level 25 during one season.
  • Mad Trendy – Equip a rare or legendary body color, pattern, upper and lower costume.
  • One giant leap – Qualify for 100 more rounds.
  • Quite Dashing – Get first 5 times in a race.
  • Shopping Spree – Unlocks 10 cosmetic items in the store.

All gold trophies in Fall Guys

  • Head Turner – Equip a legendary body color, legendary pattern and legendary upper and lower costume.
  • Infallible – Win five episodes in a row.
  • Star of the Show – Reach fame level 40 during one season.
  • Track Star – Get first 20 times in a race.
  • Veteran status – Qualify for 500 rounds.

All platinum trophies in Fall Guys

  • Ultimate Fall Guy – Obtain all other trophies.

The path to the platinum trophy in Fall Guys will take some time and some luck.

These are the most difficult challenges for the platinum trophy

You should be able to tick off most of the challenges on the trophy list with relative ease. However, some successes will take time: Playing 500 rounds, level 50 in one season, unlocking 50 cosmetic items, and bumping into other players 1,000 times could take a while, but can be achieved.

The 20-victory challenges are a little more difficult – after all, each of the 59 other players wants to win too. With a little practice and luck, this should be feasible. The biggest sticking point of the platinum trophy is probably the 5 wins in a row. The task is not impossible, but trophy hunters are likely to get stomach aches.

Maybe the developers tweak a bit and reduce the requirements a bit … three wins in a row would be enough. It is also quite likely that further successes will be added when new mini-games or game modes such as split-screen, cross-play or a local multiplayer in the case of Gyus are added.

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