Goodbye yellow team in Fall Guys

The yellow team of Fall Guys is in danger. That’s because, the developers said they will exclude the team if they manage to achieve a crazy goal on Twitter: 1 million retwets.


Alex just said he would delete the yellow team if we can get 1 million retweets

1 RT = 1 Millioneth of a delete

– Fall Guys? (@FallGuysGame) August 18, 2020

“You know, could I literally delete a yellow team?” said Alex in the Mediatonic company chat room. “ 1 million retweets. ” Why do the game developers want to delete the yellow team? For some reason, the Yellow Team loses every time. It doesn’t help that the game’s Twitter account keeps posting memes mocking the yellow team, so it’s natural for them to be targeted that way.

Reaching a million retweets is certainly possible. There are currently 167 thousand.

Fall Guys is now available for PC and PS4.

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