Bethesda’s content delivery platform on a launched PC, the Creation Club, allows us to add a myriad of extras to the game.

The Creation Club, launched a few months ago, may not be a huge success, but the creators of really good mods deserve financial support. The Bethesda platform aims to monetize the content they create for developers and members of the community. By the way, the patch also brought a lot of bug fixes in addition to the new system.

Paid mods have ruffled a lot of users ’hair, so now instead of Steam, the publisher is trying to solve it with its own system. This time, Bethesda is working with the best modders to offer the best possible quality content through the Club.

New mods uploaded to the Creation Club system are first checked by Bethesda and only given its blessing if it actually adds something to the game. The new platform in Fallout 4 will be virtually a family-friendly browser for those who don’t want to hack the internet for really valuable extras.

Players will receive 100 credits for free after installation, so they can shop for a few modes to try out the system.

So far, no one has been required to bring their mods under the Creation Club, nor has the use of older creations been made impossible. It is not a bad compromise.

We still have something to tell you, you will find all the interesting things here!

  • Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
  • Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
  • Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Style: Action, Role Playing
  • Appearance: 11/10/2015

Many, many years and lots of guesswork led to Bethesda finally announcing the continuation of the cult Fallout 3, Fallout 4, before E3 2015.

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