Bethesda is getting over the knee all over the world for putting a nylon trash bag in the $ 200 Fallout 76 Collector’s Edition while promised a canvas bag! Reason for PeterKoelewijn to dive into the dark world of bad Special Editions!

Buying Special Editions doesn’t make you better than other gamers. It makes you better than ANYONE! Yes, only true fans buy Special Editions from their beloved franchises. These insect gods deserve nothing but the very best, which makes it all the more criminal that companies like Bethesda think they can skimp on bags and other rewards. We know they didn’t use the money saved for Fallout 76 QA testing! And unfortunately they are not the first to release a screwed up Special Edition. These are the other great Special Edition ___ups!

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

Recommended price: 200 euros

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite was a big stinking disappointment of a game. It’s a shame that Capcom is drilling one of the nicest fighting series into the ground like that. But at least they did not put more energy into the 200 euro Collector’s Edition. It included 4 statues of characters from the game and a box with luminous infinity stones.

The statues were quite successful, but the stones from the box did not resemble the preorder image in the slightest. The gems had given way to half Easter eggs with a Christmas light in them. Was to be expected, considering some characters from Infinite barely resemble their original versions …

The Witcher II

List price: 130 euros

The Witcher II: Assassins of Kings initially received a Collector’s Edition to die for. Map, various CDs, artwork maps and to top it all off, a bust of Geralt. However, the bust looked a lot less in reality for many gamers. Below you even have one that became world famous.

Uh… in The Witcher II, does Geralt get an anvil on his head somewhere? This is really the third worst Geralt I’ve ever seen!

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Recommended price: 200 euros

The Witcher III launched quite buggy but after a few months of patching, CD Projekt RED made it one of the best games of this generation. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the luxury of patching the statue that contained the $ 200 Collector’s Edition. In the pre-order image you can see a statue of Geralt fighting a griffin in a gruesome way. In reality, many buyers got a statue that looked… just literally horrifying. This is the average Geralt from the CE.

Uh… was he stabbed in the face by hornets or something? This is the second worst Geralt I’ve ever seen. Marginal better than this one!

(yes I will probably watch the series anyway)

Halo 3 Legendary Edition

List price: 130 euros

The Legendary Edition of Halo 3 came with a lifelike replica of the Master Chief helmet and a fancy steel case for your CDs. Bungie received a lot of criticism for both. The helmet was not a replica at all because you could not even wear it over your own ugly resines! Also, the steel case was so crappy that it caused scratches on the discs. Sometimes even out of the box!

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Recommended price: 150 euros

Metal Gear Solid V got several special editions and the Collector’s Edition came with the biggest loot, including a replica of Venom Snake’s bionic arm. The arm was supposed to be on a 1: 2 scale, but the actual version was a lot smaller and not nearly as agile as the version on the preorder images.

However, Hideo Kojima herself had a lifelike version of the bionic arm. Hopefully he was allowed to take him after the divorce with Konami.

Fallout 4 – Pip-Boy Edition

List price: 130 euros

Quelle surprise! Bethesda has often gone to hell with its very expensive Collector’s Editions. Similarly with the Fallout 4 – Pip-Boy Edition, which contains a replica of the famous bracelet. You can click in your phone and then run an app so that you can really collaborate with your Pip-Boy while gaming. The actual version looked a lot cheaper and also had one very big problem …

Well sorry I have a big phone Bethesda! I can afford that because I don’t fall for your Special Editions!

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

List price: 80 euros

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II was a big diarrhea craze of a game, so in a way, the Collector’s Edition fitted it perfectly. For 80 euros you got a pretty paltry special edition of the game, including a USB stick from Starkiller, with a monstrously stretched head. You would think at Lucas Arts they know what a USB stick looks like, or at least draw something on it that doesn’t look ridiculous. But hey, for that extra money you have access to 2 glorious gigabytes of data!

Batman: Arkham Asylum – Collector’s Edition

List price: 100 euros

You can see the confidence in Rocksteady in the extensive Collector’s Edition that Batman: Arkham Asylum got from the start. Why is he here anyway? Because a batarang was promised that eventually looked much crappier and could not be taken off the plastic stand!

Oh come on Warner Bros.! Did you think I would use the batarang to throw over the editors and hit interns? Because that is exactly what I would do… because I AM BATMAN !!!

FEAR 3 Collector’s Edition

List price: 120 euros

FEAR 3 brought back the evil ghost girl Alma and this time she had a baby in her tummy. So of course the Collector’s Edition had to include a statue of it exactly. No wait, what if we make the statue glow in the dark so you can see the demonic creature in her stomach every time you turn off the lights?

I mean… I’m not known for my tasteful decor, but even I would think twice before putting this on the mantelpiece! What’s next? A statue of a worn-out female torso in a bikini?

Dead Island Riptide – Zombie Bait Edition

List price: 120 euros

Next is Dead Island Riptide because it had a Collector’s Edition with a bloody female torso in a bikini.

Fable 2 – Collector’s Edition

List price: 70 euros

Fable 2 is one of the most Peter Molyneux-esque games ever made, and not only because the game broke many of its promises. The Collector’s Edition initially promised a special steel case, uniquely drawn tarot cards and a small bobblehead. Those things were all dropped close to launch, leaving unwary pre-orderers only with a DVD with some boring extras. Damn you Molyneux!

Have you ever burned your fingers on a crappy Collector’s Edition and would you like to add it to this Wall of Shame? Put it in the comments! And don’t forget, there isn’t a single Special Edition big enough to fill the hole in your heart. Except Skyrim’s maybe.

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