Fallout 76: Buyers of the Power Armor Edition will receive their replacement cloth bag in four to six months

Buyers of the Power Armor Edition of Fallout 76 need even more patience. But you already know that.

After the initial uproar over the collector’s edition – instead of a canvas bag it contained a nylon bag, while influencers received fabric bags beforehand – Bethesda promised buyers that they would receive a corresponding fabric bag.

The registration process for the replacement did not go smoothly due to temporary data leaks, and now those waiting have to be patient.

As VG247 reports, players who have requested a replacement bag can expect a replacement in four to six months.

According to Bethesda, that is how long it takes for the bags to be made and shipped. In the meantime, the players concerned are offered an additional 500 atoms (worth around 5 euros) as compensation.

Bethesda had previously distributed 500 atoms as an excuse after the initial storm. In the run-up to the publication it was not communicated that the advertised cloth bag was not included.

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