Still in early access, Dreams is already serving as a complete tool for players to create their own projects or pay homage to epoch-making games. After Silent Hill and Days Gone were recreated in the title, now it is time for the first Metal Gear Solid to be reinterpreted.

Bear Parker, who works as a global community manager for TT Games (from the LEGO series) has published a video that shows the progress he is making with the Konami game remake. His intention is to recreate the experience as faithfully as possible, with the same camera style and textures as the PlayStation 1 game.

Help is welcome

Parker also details some of the problems he encountered during the process, including memory limitations that forced him to rethink the way he built containers. He promised to continue dedicating himself to the project and to include animated environments and better controls, inviting all interested parties to help him manifest through Twitter.

The remake has yet to be finalized, and chances are good that we will never have the full experience available. However, it looks like this will for some time be the best way to experience Metal Gear Solid in the current generation, as it seems very unlikely that Konami will invest in an HD version of the game in the near future.