Far Cry 5 – Guide on Guns for Hire and how to unlock them

Guns for Hire in Far Cry 5 are essentially people and animals (Fangs for Hire) that you can recruit to fight alongside you. In this Far Cry 5 guide to Guns for Hire, we will explain how to get each Gun for Hire, the benefit that each Gun for Hire can bring you and how to unlock additional space so you can equip two Guns for Hire.

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Far Cry 5 – Guns For Hire

In total, there are nine Guns for Hire in Far Cry 5. Six of them are human, while three are animals (Fangs for Hire). Each Gun for Hire must be unlocked by completing special missions and each has a set of skills that will be useful in the fight against the cult.


Boomer the dog belongs to the Fang for Hire category. To get Boomer, you’ll have to help him at the Rae-Rae Pumpkin Farm in Holland Valley. You can read more here.

Nick Rye

Nick is a Gun for Hire who can use his plane to execute attacks from the sky. To get Nick, you’ll have to help him at Rye’s and Son Aviation in Holland Valley – that’s how you can unlock him.

Grace Armstrong

Grace is a sniper, which means that she will be a good choice for eliminating enemies from a distance. To get Grace, you’ll have to help her at the Lamb of the God church in Holland Valley, unlocking her as a Gun for Hire.

X Burger

X-burger, the bear, falls under the category Fang for Hire. To get X-burger, you will need help from Wade at the FANG center in Whitetail Mountains – you can read more here.

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Squat Drubman Jr

Hurk is an expert, able to eliminate air and ground vehicles with ease. To get Hurk, you’ll have to help him at Fort Drubman in the Whitetail Mountains – this way, you can unlock him as a Gun for Hire.

Jess Black

Jess is a stealth expert and a good option for eliminating enemies while staying in hiding. To get Jess, you’ll have to help her at Barron Lumber Mill in Whitetail Mountains – so you can unlock her as a Gun for Hire.


Peaches, the cat, falls under the category of Fang for Hire and is a good option for chasing enemies. To get Peaches, you will need to help Mable am Taxidermy. You can read more here.

Sharky Boshaw

Sharky is an explosives expert, and is also resistant to most explosives. To get it, you will have to help him at Moonflower Trailer Park on the River Henbane – this way, you will unlock it as Gun for Hire.

Adelaide Drubman

Adelaide flies a helicopter and will help you with air support. It also has weapons with chargers, which means that you won’t have to recharge them as often. To get Adelaide, you’ll have to help her at Drubman Marina on the Henbane River – this way, you unlock her as Gun for Hire.

Fighters you can hire in Far Cry 5

In addition to being able to recruit Guns for Hire and Fangs for Hire, you will also have the possibility to help NPCs along the way who will act as fighters. These NPCs occupy the same spaces as Guns and Fangs for Hire, but bring with them unlockable bonuses. Once a fighter has reached a certain number of kills, these bonuses will be unlocked, and you can even improve your own skills.

Linda Stout, a soldier you unlock in the early stages of the game, will target all enemies at the start of an encounter and make you undetectable in the tall grass. It is worth analyzing your situation in order to find out which specialists and fighters are worth equipping.

How to unlock extra space for more Guns for Hire

At the start of Far Cry 5, you only have one space to equip a Gun or Fang for Hire (or Fighter). In order to unlock the extra space you will need to use the privilege system. When you spend 6 points of advantage, you can buy the Leadership Privilege that will give you a total of two spaces in order to equip the recruits that you want.