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FFXIV Housing Prices: Why the Real-Estate Boom is Bad for Players

FFXIV Housing Prices: Why the Real-Estate Boom is Bad for Players

The introduction of the lottery system and new plots of land in the Ishgard Empyreum system remedies the housing situation in FFXIV a tad bit, but it’s still not enough

These days, a plot of land ranges anywhere from 1.4 to 50 million FFXIV Gil – and doesn’t even include the property permit. Housing has been a problem in the MMO for more or less a year and with the recent release of Endwalker in December 2021, new players are struggling to get their dream home. Thankfully, in patch 6.0, the new Ishgard Empyreum district was added, as well as a lottery system for obtaining the houses less strenuously. Houses can offer many great tools to users, whether it’s an apartment or house. For one, players can use it as an outlet for self-expression; they can gather furnishings to decorate their homes, or even raise a Chocobo companion through the Chocobo Stables. But how does a total newbie get to know this complicated and expensive “hobby” within Final Fantasy XIV?

The Current Housing Types in FFXIV and Their Prices

There are five different kinds of houses available to purchase in Final Fantasy XIV. They vary from affordable to being extremely expensive; you’ll need to save every FF14 gil you get from your quests if you hope to become a homeowner anytime soon. From the most expensive to the cheapest, here’s everything you need to know about each type of housing in the game:

A Heavy Burden for the Players

Owning a home isn’t as easy as having enough money for the purchase in FFXIV, but Naoki Yoshida and his development team are bringing changes to the housing process in two ways: by adding the Empyreum district and implementing a lottery system. Since all land is usually purchased, the only way to get a plot is to wait for an opportunity for it to become available. Whenever a house is demolished, a random timer that ends anytime from 30 minutes to a whole day starts before the land can be bought. The housing market in FFXIV is already crowded, and this rings true when we take a look at the numbers. According to the Final Fantasy XIV Census that was conducted in April 2020, the (most populated) American server, Malboro, has over 114k active characters. Meanwhile, there are only 17.2k apartments and 5.7k houses per server. FFXIV’s 6.0 patch not only hopes to alleviate the stress for players, but in time, this will mean that houses and plots of land will become more accessible to newer players.


Coe patch 6.1 – which going by the current schedule should drop sometime in March or April in 2022 – three additional changes will be made in the housing system. Note that this is in addition to the new district and the end of plot relocation that was introduced in patch 6.0. First off, land devaluation will be removed. Second, it’ll no longer be possible to give Free Company members the ability to purchase land, nor even immediately promote them to the rank of master. And lastly, a lottery system for acquiring plots will be introduced. While the FFXIV gil prices for houses and lands won’t be going down anytime soon, as long as Yoshida and his team put in the work needed to make changes little by little, we’ll – if all goes well – be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel soon.

What do you think about the changes being made to FFXIV’s housing system? Let us know down below!

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