Patch 1.09 is now also available on PS4 and Xbox One.

EA Sports has released patch 1.09 Title Update 6 on current-gen consoles. it had previously been made available on PC. The download weight is 1580.6MB on Xbox One and 928.2MB on PS4. The download will start automatically as soon as you start the console, or it will be downloaded while the console is in sleep state.

Below you can read the complete changelog.

Today EA Sports announced with a press release the arrival on PC of the new patch 1.09 for FIFA 18.

The update is available from today on PC and will soon be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well. This update brings very important changes especially to the mode Ultimate Team of FIFA 18 and to FUT Champions Weekend League.

The Canadian developers have finally announced that they have eliminated, with this update, the hateful “Kick Off Glitch“, or that terrible bug that made your team quite static and unresponsive to restart the game, after your goal, making any attack by the opponent after the restart kick dangerous.

In addition, the patch also brings some news to the Weekend League, with the FUT Champions matches that will always be played in the “FeWC” stadium. Finally, from the pre-match screen, it will not be possible to identify the opponents with the team controlled by us which will always be on the left side of the menu.

On this page we will explain what this patch will change in your game.

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What changes with the FIFA 18 title update 1.09 and in the Ultimate Team?

Here are the FIFA 18 patch 1.09 notes:

Made the following gameplay changes:

  • After the kick-off (after scoring a goal) the defending team will be more compact in defense. Specifically: Attackers will push forward less.
  • The defenders will better close the spaces between them and the attackers to limit the space available to the opposing team

Fixed the following gameplay issues:

  • Goalkeepers would sometimes automatically return the ball for no reason after a back pass.

Made the following changes for FUT Champions Weekend League matches in FIFA Ultimate Team mode:

  • Now all matches take place in the FeWC stadium, at night and in clear weather.
  • Pre-match screens will no longer show the home and away teams. You will always see your team on the left side of the screen and your opponent’s team on the right side.
  • Opponent uniforms will no longer be shown both in-game and pre-match screens. The opposing team will wear the second, inactive, jersey of your club. For example, if you have chosen to play in your home kit, your opponent will be wearing your away kit.
  • The kit selection and pre-match screens have been updated accordingly.
  • You can now use the free view to watch replays on the FUT Champions channel.

Fixed the following issues in FIFA Ultimate Team:

  • The filters to search for the “Player Fitness” and “Team Fitness” items on the FUT Transfer Market were not working correctly.
  • The filters to search for the “Player Contract and” Manager Contract “items on the FUT Transfer Market were not working correctly.
  • The specialties shown for some players’ “IF” versions on the squad management screen during an Online FUT match were incorrect. However, this was only a display issue that had no impact on gameplay

Made the following changes in online mode:

  • Updated the colors used for the connection quality bars in all online FUT modes.
  • Latency bars of 5, 4, or 3 now appear green
  • 2 bars in yellow
  • 1 bar in red

Fixed the following issues in online modes:

  • The virtual footballer in Pro Club had wrong attributes if it was created when the player was not connected to the servers.

Made the following audio / graphics / presentation changes:

  • Updated some uniforms.
  • This update will also arrive on the PS4 versions (as patch 1.08) and Xbox One over the next few days

What do you think of these changes? Have any issues that bothered you been fixed?

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