A software update has been released for the FIFA 19 Companion App, which will automatically download the next time the app is launched. Here is the changelog:

Fixed the following issues for the FUT Web App and the FIFA 19 Companion App

  • Manager bonus icon was not updating for substitutes and reserves after changing managers. It was just a graphic problem
  • Alex Hunter’s photo was not showing on his card
  • Details on Team of the Week (TOTW) items were not showing. This issue involved the second and third views with object information
  • The box to enter numbers on the market screen was too large with Arabic as the language
  • The last leaderboard displayed on Console or PC was loaded by default on the FUT Web App or the FIFA 19 Companion App
  • Using the market menu on the side of the Squad Generator screen, a player already in squad was shown in the search results.
  • Trying to relist an item purchased on the FUT market, the amount paid was equal to its default market value and not to the one actually spent
  • Uefa Champions League items for which a bid was made did not show the correct image
  • Weak foot information of a player item was showing the wrong foot. It was just a graphic problem
  • Using an account without market access a generic error message was shown
  • In the Side Market menu, a comma was missing from the phrase Buy Now Price
  • Sometimes it was not possible to bid on an item after more had already been made by other players
  • When the line of text was too long, the completed / not completed task icon was not displayed correctly on the Pink Generator screens

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EA Sports, also this year has made available not one, but two tools to manage your EA Sports FIFA 18 remotely, when you are not at home with the console (or PC) at hand. We are talking about the FIFA 19 Companion App , which is added to the
FIFA 19 Web App , two essential tools to increase the value of your Ultimate Team squad, even now that the game is not yet available.

This year the versions for each platform and the different editions of FIFA 19 are several. Here is a series of pre-order offers that will guarantee you different bonuses explained below in the article:

FIFA 19 will be available from September 28th:

  • Book FIFA 19 Standard Edition PS4
  • Prenota FIFA 19 Standard Edition Xbox One
  • Book FIFA 19 Standard Edition PC
  • Pre-order FIFA 19 Standard Edition Nintendo Switch

The Champions Edition will instead be available three days before, or from 25 September:

  • Book FIFA 19 Champions Edition PS4
  • Prenota FIFA 19 Champions Edition Xbox One

In addition to the Web App we are talking about on this page, there is also FIFA 19 Companion , a free app for our iOS and Android smartphones that allows you to manage every aspect of your Ultimate Team club. On this page we explain everything about this app: download and access methods, features, advantages and differences with the Web App.

On this page: FIFA 19 Companion App – iOS and Android application available for your Ultimate Team

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-Other help pages (updating …)

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team (FUT 19): how to access the Web App – available now from any browser

FIFA 19 Companion App – Compatible devices, installation and first steps

The EA Sports FIFA 19 Companion App for iOS and Android allows you to manage your FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) 19 club from anywhere in the world you are in (as long as you have an internet connection). Regardless of the platform on which you purchased the game, be it Xbox One, PS4, Switch or PC, you can check your market transactions, execute new ones, buy and discard packs, FIFA Points, and even start a FUT Draft directly from your phone. In addition, as with the Web App, accessing the Companion App every day will entitle you to a daily reward (one but only for the two platforms).

FIFA 19 FUT Companion App – How to log in

Just like the Web App, the Companion App has been available since FIFA 19 went into Early Access, but only restricted access was allowed to former players from previous editions who had already enabled EA’s security settings. Now the app is available to everyone, but there are always requirements to be met in order to have full access to all features.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Have a copy of the game for any platform
  • Log in with your Origin Account to FIFA 19 on console or PC.
  • Create your club via FIFA Ultimate Team mode from the game or app (skip this step if you have already created it).
  • Create a security question / answer on console or PC.
  • Download the app and install it
  • Log in with your EA Account from the FIFA 19 Companion App on your mobile device and wait for the security code via email.

Link per i download:

  • EA Sports FIFA 19 Companion App Store iOS
  • EA Sports FIFA 19 Companion App Android Google Play Store

If you have already installed the Companion App for FIFA 19, just update the app from the Apple or Google store. As a result, this implies that the app will no longer work with the previous year’s game.

Both versions of the Companion App are fully localized in Italian, but you can change the language in the settings.

Transfers may initially be blocked by the app. In this case it could be because you haven’t played any games yet. To unlock them, just make a couple of matches with your Ultimate Team club.

FIFA 19 Companion App – Features and Functionality


Stay connected to the world of FIFA 19 with the EA Sports FIFA 19 Companion App, which allows complete management of your FUT 19 Club even when you are away from the console or PC, you can prepare your team for the next match, make one last offer for a transfer and find new players and items in packs using coins and FIFA Points.


In this all-new mode, trade players from your club by creating exclusive squads and fulfilling challenge requirements. When the roster is complete, submit it to trade your players and receive great rewards like other SCR players, packs, credits and more in return. Log in often to discover new challenges and rewards. Complete the challenges on the Companion App and collect your rewards immediately, or organize your squad on your mobile device and then complete it later on the console. Exchange your club’s players in Squad Building Challenges to meet the requirements and receive great prizes. Level up the challenge with custom locked slots by linking nationalities, leagues and clubs to achieve an even more complex chemistry.


Don’t miss the most important transfers and keep an eye on the market. You can put your club items on the market and bid on new players, consumables and everything else you need to build your Ultimate Team.


Get ready for the next game even when you’re not at the console. Manage modules, players, coaches and consumables.


In this new feature you will have to complete daily and weekly transfer and manager challenges to get unique rewards wherever you are. The Web App and the Companion App can also be used to consult the game objectives on console or PC.


Create your club with packs that can be purchased with coins or FIFA Points. With the FIFA 19 Companion App you will never miss a special package deal or a flash deal.

Here’s everything you can do with the Companion App:

  • Access your Club, activities, notifications and news
  • Buy Packs from the FUT Store
  • Manage your FUT Club and all its Squads, managing Chemistry, formations, players and applying consumables
  • Extend the game experience of the Squad Building Challenges
  • Manage the market: you can follow auctions, bid, buy and sell players, staff members and consumables.

FIFA 19 Companion App – Daily Rewards

For a limited time, as happened last year, EA Sports will offer you daily rewards for accessing the Web App and the Companion App. They are random and even something quite rare may happen to you.

Today’s prize we have been awarded is a Bronze package , while yesterday we were awarded a Gold package that you see in the photo below. However, it seems that the gifts are completely random and different for each user.

Redeeming these packs is very important to get you off to a good start with FUT. In this mode, in fact, the credits generate credits, and if you stay at zero you will not be able to do anything, the contracts will expire, and you will not have credits to buy extensions or other players, in short, you will find yourself in difficulty. You will therefore understand that it is very important to grab these packages to find valuable items to sell in the transfer market, in order to start with a good budget.

FIFA 19 Companion App – Solutions to the most common problems

If you have done everything indicated, but still have problems using the app, here you may find the answers to your questions and doubts.

I am registered with EA but cannot log in to the Companion App.

The FUT 19 Companion App is only available to users who have a copy of the game for any platform and have created a security question / answer. If you are a new player, you will first need to log in from the console to access the Web App and the iOS and Android Companion App.

I am able to access the Cpmpanion App but the Transfer Market is not available

If you have played FUT 18 on a different console than the one you intend to purchase FIFA 19 for, the Web App and Companion App may not give you access to the transfer market. Try playing a few games of FUT from the game first, it should unlock.

I can’t find my Daily Gift

Daily gifts are available from September 20th and for a limited time, and you are only awarded one per day. However, if you don’t log in for a whole day, that day’s gift will be lost, you won’t find it, but you will find the next day’s gift. Additionally, EA only offers you one gift redeemable from Web App or Companion App, they will not give you one for each.

I am not receiving confirmation codes and therefore cannot log in

EA requires you to confirm that it is really you who is requesting access, through a confirmation code that will be emailed to you for each access from a new browser or computer. If you don’t receive the codes, check your spam folder. If you still don’t see them, switch to mobile authentication.

I did everything correctly, but I still can’t log in. What should I do?

Try clearing the app and its cache and performing a new clean install. At the moment the app is very unstable, for example in our device it does not appear in the list of installed apps and you have to go there every time from the store!

My EA Account has more than one FUT Club – how do I log in to the others?

The Companion App works in such a way as to automatically connect to the last identity used on the console or PC. To change identity, simply go to the “Settings” menu and click on “Select user”. If you no longer have an identity, this entry will not appear.