FIFA 21 FUT Coins – 5 tips to get you more coins

In Ultimate team from FIFA 21 plays money in the form of Coins an important role. Which is not surprising, because real football is a million dollar business, why should it be any different in FIFA?

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You need coins to buy FUT card packs. And unlike FIFA Points, they don’t cost you any real money. But of course you need more coins than FIFA Points to buy packs. But where did all the coins come from?

Earn coins quickly and easily in FIFA 21 FUT

Everyone starts from scratch every year in Ultimate Team. FIFA Points can be transferred, but your coins are only valid for the respective game. It would of course be nice if everyone could transfer their coins account balance, but it is understandable why that is not possible: equal chance for everyone!

If you want to amass a lot of coins, you definitely need one thing: patience. It’s not something that happens quickly, but there are tips that you can use to try and earn a little more. If you have the right feeling. Or the right timing. And ideally both!

Because if you want star players in your Ultimate Team, you shouldn’t rely on the vanishingly little luck when opening card packs, but rather look at the transfer market.

At first you should first build a bronze team with which you will contest your first matches and collect coins. Complete the season mode and special tournaments, complete the squad building challenges and challenges and then a lot comes together.

Above all, you should Activate Coin Boostwhenever you can, because the Coin Boost increase your yield after matches for a few games. It used to be in the EA Football Club catalog, but since it was canceled, you can now get it for certain completed challenges or season progress.

If you have played against the AI ​​or have enough experience, you can dare to play online games against other players. Here you get more if you are successful than in games against the AI, but the challenge is sometimes greater.

Definitely stay in the game no matter how bad things may go. Anyone who leaves a match with a rage quit is acting unfairly on the one hand and being punished on the other hand, for example the multiplier for coins decreases.

Coin boosts give you more coins after games.

Trading tips for the transfer market in FIFA 21: trade and make a profit

First of all, you should know the following: there is no guaranteed and 100 percent secure method to access the Transfer market in FIFA 21 FUT to act successfully. Luck, timing and your gut feeling all play a role.

Since Ultimate Team is built on performance in real football, it pays to keep an eye on the events there. Likewise, of course, special events, of which there are enough, are of interest and can increase the virtual market value of player cards.

In the end, everything is dynamic. What can go up can go down again – and vice versa. And at the same time, there are differences depending on the platform, as the transfer markets are not linked across platforms.

Trade with TOTW cards

Players who are on the Team of the Week are always more valuable than their normal cards, because they are only available in packs for one week (rarely, of course) before the next TOTW replaces them.

The price usually develops in such a way that the TOTW cards are more expensive to introduce, then drop in price in between and then rise again in price at the start of the new TOTW. The new Team of the Week will every Wednesday and is then usually available in packs in the evening from around 7 p.m.

So you can keep an eye on the prices here during the week, then possibly buy such a player “cheaply” (for team-of-the-week conditions) during the TOTW week, if you see a bargain, and then again more expensive to offer.

Sell ​​gold cards from TOTW players

Also in connection with the TOTW cards is trading with the previous cards of these players. Because: When a player joins the team of the week, the old standard gold card disappears from the pack.

And of course there are players who are still looking for that and not the team of the week card. As these become increasingly rare over time, the price is also higher. Since EA only announces the new players when they are introduced in the packs, there is no absolute certainty.

It therefore depends a little on intuition and speculation in advance. The following applies: If you get a special, outstanding performance from a player on a weekend, the probability is high that he will end up in the team of the week in the days that follow.

Speed ​​is required, because of course other players also pay attention and try to secure such cards as soon as possible. So you either look for such achievements yourself or use the TOTW Predictions that always come from the community at the beginning of the week. But then everyone really knows.

TOTW players are valuable.

Flood the transfer market with offers

With this method, you first pick a specific one player out. Then try to buy as many of his cards as possible at the lowest possible prices.

Set a price beforehand that you would like to spend as much as possible. If you have bought up a lot of these cards, you put them back on the transfer market en masse at a higher price, let’s say around 200 to 300 coins more expensive, but all for the same price.

When looking at the transfer market, players will eventually only see your player’s cards and may be inclined to accept the higher price instead of looking for cheaper offers.

Orientate yourself when bidding on your set price and use the bid function instead of buying it now, after all, you want to make a profit in the end. It is clear that you will not get all of the players you are bidding on.

Depending on the card and the offer, it can take a while for the cards to sell again, so this is not a quick way to earn coins. But one with little risk.

Sniping and other options

Sniping works in a similar way to mass selling and flooding the transfer market. In contrast, when sniping you should make sure to really get the players at the lowest possible price. Take a look at how the prices are going and then strike at the right moment.

As with bulk purchases, it’s best to pick a player that you have your sights on. With the help of the filters on the transfer market, you can further restrict which cards are shown to you, for example below a certain buy-it-now limit. If you see bargains right here, then grab it quickly, because others are lurking!

You can then place the newly purchased cards on the transfer market at a higher price and – depending on the purchase price – you can expect a hefty profit.

SBCs, Player of the Month and more

There are always special promotions and events in FIFA 21 FUT. For example new ones Squad Building Challenges, for which you need specific players with given nationalities or leagues. When new ones come into play, this often leads to a more intensive search for specific cards, which you can benefit from if you react quickly. Buy eligible cards and place them more expensive on the transfer market.

The same goes for the top games and the player of the month.

Benefit from maintenance work

A good way of getting some good, inexpensive player cards with a little luck is maintenance work. Because: Meanwhile, the market continues, it doesn’t take a break. And if offers expire during maintenance work, nobody can outbid you. So pay attention to when maintenance work takes place and try to bid on cheap players right before the start.

You can either keep them yourself or sell them at a higher price.

Trading on the transfer market is another source of income.

FIFA 21: Coins Hacks, Cheats and Traders

You may have wondered whether there are cheats, exploits, hacks and similar tricks to get more coins in FIFA 21 FUT. Even if it does exist, you will not find it here. Because FUT is an online mode and it should be fair for everyone!

You also risk your account, especially if hackers or supposed providers of Free coins want to attract with it or with other things. Most of the time they ask you to log into some dubious website, which should start ringing the alarm bells.

In this way, an attempt is made to get your access data and take over your account. The following applies: Nobody gives away FUT Coins. And if so, then at most EA itself and only through official sources. You can ignore what you see on any website or in videos that are not from EA.

You should always pay attention to your account data if you want to enjoy your account and team. Accordingly, no official will ever ask you for your data. Anyone who does this has no good in mind.

The same applies to coin purchases via eBay and other platforms. If EA catches you doing such transactions, the buyer will also be blocked.

As in real football, you should play fair!

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