FIFA 21 guide and tips for beginners and advanced players

Olé, Olé, Olé! FIFA is an annual phenomenon and so it cannot be otherwise FIFA 21 causes crying, laughter and swearing in various households.

But maybe you’re one of the few who picks up FIFA for the first time and then we can understand that it’s all a bit overwhelming. Especially when talking about Team of the Week, FUT, and Chemistry Styles. That’s why we have a number FIFA 21 tips listed in a row to guide you through. Below you can also see our table of contents of all the different guides we have already written. For ease of use, we have also divided them into different categories as well as possible.

General information about FIFA 21

The guides below cover the basics of FIFA 21. They are pretty self-explanatory, but sometimes you can learn something from them. For example, tips on how to defend better to avoid counter-goals are always welcome.

  • FIFA 21 EA Play early access release time, pre-download time and all release dates explained
  • FIFA 21 – How to defend and avoid goals against

Information about the very best players in FIFA 21

Whether you’re playing FUT or working on a glorious career, having good players is a must. That is why we have drawn up quite a few lists to help you scout top talent. Not only will you know who the best players in FIFA 21 are, but you will also be able to create the best team ever. Because only one can be the best.

  • FIFA 21 Top Players – Top 100 Best Players
  • FIFA 21 player ratings – All 5 star skill moves players
  • FIFA 21 Talents – The best hidden gems and young players with the highest potential in Career
  • FIFA 21 Best Forwards – Top 20 Best Wingers (LM, RM, LB, RB) and Forwards (CA, SP)
  • FIFA 21 Best Midfielders – Top 20 Best Central Midfielders (CVM, CM, CAM)
  • FIFA 21 best defenders – Top 20 best backs (LA, RA) and center backs (CV)
  • FIFA 21 Best Goalkeepers – Top 20 Best Goalkeepers (DM)

Information about the best players by league in FIFA 21

It may of course happen that you like to play within certain competitions. We have also drawn up various lists for this. Whether you participate in the Bundesliga or in the Eredivisie, you always know which players are the best.

  • FIFA 21 Eredivisie – Top 20 players in the Dutch league
  • FIFA 21 Bundesliga – Top 20 best players in the German league
  • FIFA 21 LaLiga – Top 20 players in the Spanish league
  • FIFA 21 Serie A – Top 20 players in the Italian league
  • FIFA 21 Premier League – Top 20 best players in the Premier League

Information about FUT in FIFA 21

FIFA’s showpiece has been FIFA Ultimate Team, or FUT, for years. And yes, it can be quite overwhelming. In any case, it is useful to know each week which players have been selected by EA. That is why we always publish the weekly Team of the Week on Wednesdays after the announcement. It is also useful to know how Team Spirit works for FUT, also known as Chemistry. We can even help you in that area through extensive guides. Good luck creating your dream team!

  • FIFA 21 TOTW: The FUT Team of the Week
  • FIFA 21 Chemistry Explained – How to Increase Overall Chemistry and Individual Player Chemistry in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT)
  • FIFA 21 Chemistry Styles Explained – List of Player Attributes Affected in FUT

Make money and get 500 million easily

In recent years in the FIFA games, you have had the opportunity to get a cash injection for your club in career mode through the EA Football Club catalog. It has always been a convenient way to add a few million to your virtual account balance.

Unfortunately, the EA Football Club catalog is no longer available. Are you out of luck? No, EA has now integrated it as an option at the beginning of a career, it is one of several options that you can set before starting your career at all.

Note the point “Takeover”. It says, “Get a cash injection at the start of your career.”

And that can be a considerable amount of money. You can choose from 10 million, 50 million, 100 million, 200 million and even 500 million euros in extra starting capital.

If you don’t want to set limits at your club then you should definitely take advantage of them as it has never been easier.

Give the correct answers during interviews

There are also interviews and press conferences this year, the answers of which have a little influence. You can strengthen the morale of the entire team or individual players by praising them. Keeping your morale under control is incredibly useful in progressing your career. The interviews are certainly logical and thus have real benefits.

Source : IGN