Expected around the world, the football game of the EA Sports franchise FIFA 23 has begun to reveal many new features, including one of its most popular game modes: career mode.

An overview of what’s new in FIFA 23 Career Mode:

  • It will be possible to use real coaches: take control of Pep Guardiola, Antonio Conte, or even Steven Gerrard…
  • the navigation menus have been changed: the search for players to recruit, the staff etc..
  • It will be possible to modify the outfits of the real coaches: Pep Guardiola’s famous wool sweater against a suit, for example
  • It will be possible to invest in businesses, buy cars, real estate… the money you earn through your contracts will therefore be useful for the first time!
  • You will be able to visit your injured players in the hospital
  • There will be many new cutscenes: player signing, pre-match…
  • It will be possible to create a 3rd jersey, as well as the goalkeeper jersey during the club creation mode
  • A whole new interface has been designed for the “player” career mode
  • Lots of “Alex Hunter” style cutscenes for NextGen consoles
  • There will be an evaluation and commentary on each of the transfers you make, and your club will tell you how to integrate your recruit.
  • 350 real trainers will be playable
  • 17 saves will be available
  • It will be possible to modify the name, height, weight, attributes, number and position of each player created when creating your club in career

FIFA 23 unveils the main new features of Career Mode

FIFA 23 continues to detail the main novelties of its main game modes. It is the turn of the Career Mode, probably one of the most appreciated by the veteran community and the one that generates the most comments on social networks, with permission of FIFA Ultimate Team. The next season will begin with the arrival of certain functions requested by users.

Choose who you want to be in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 Career Mode will introduce a new personality system that will improve certain stats based on the decisions you make as a player. They are divided into three options: Maverick, Virtuoso or Heartbeat. If my player is a winger, for example, it will be more useful for us to go for the first, with which we will receive a boost in speed and offensive statistics.

As a player, we will see in the schedule the incorporation of various off-field activities that will determine which group we will be in. Your personality marks the type of footballer you want to be. Among those shown, we see events such as your own birthday party. You will add money to your portfolio which will allow you to invest it in other activities.

And what happens on the bench?

In FIFA 23, you will be able to control a real manager and build your own career mode over the years. Do you want to be Pep Guardiola back at FC Barcelona? You can choose from different faces of the benches in real life to shape your own football fantasies.

The experience in the menus has been renewed so that the actions take place in a faster and more precise way. For example, we will now see more dynamic moments that will occur at key moments, such as the start of training or the signing of a player. EA Sports wants to give more credibility to the achievements you make in your coaching career

Player’s personality

One of the main features of career mode this year is the personality of your player. Through a series of interactions, you will be able to influence the temperament of your avatar on and off the field. By shaping his personality, the player will thus be able to have a selfish behavior by multiplying the actions in solo or, on the contrary, favor the collective to develop the game and deceive the opponent’s defense with your teammates. Your actions will gradually define his personality.

The system will be based on three attributes: Maverick (maverick), Heartbeat (heartbeat) and Virtuoso (virtuoso). The first concerns opportunistic players who will act for their personal glory. In search of records (number of goals, assists…), they are also in perpetual search of celebrity with the media.

EA took the opportunity to press the fact that these interactions also take place off the field. You can thus participate in activities outside the green meadow and even visit, for example, an injured teammate in the hospital. In the same way, it is possible to buy a splendid racing car or a brand new motorcycle. All these interactions will influence the personality of your star (whether it is already or in the making). What’s interesting about this personality system is that it’s scalable. You can choose to boost each of the categories (vision of the game, reaction, passing, shooting, solo exploits, etc.) reflecting your temperament and become a “specialist” in your genre or gradually change to go from personalities to each other. After all, getting older usually channels the fire and an opportunistic young player can become quite collective with experience.

Game snippets!

A sports game can quickly become time-consuming and the developers have understood that living through a season can take a considerable amount of time. From now on, FIFA 23 will offer to play the key moments of the match in career mode. They didn’t dwell on this new feature, but it will involve a lot of variations. Players will thus be able to take control of their player just before the very dangerous loss of the ball by the opponent or at the time of an attack or a counter-attack. Having the opportunity to play these ends of the match rather than opting for an automatic simulation of the match is a feature that is likely to interest a lot of people!

A brand new menu and a redesigned interface!

The developers pointed out that players spend a considerable amount of time in the menus in career mode and that’s why they completely reviewed and redesigned the menus and the interface. The idea with this optimization is to allow users, whether they play a player or the coach, to quickly access what they need. Squad review, player management, transfers, administration… everything has been redesigned to waste as little time as possible.

FIFA 23: Player Personality, Playable Highlights and real coaches, the new Career Mode unveiled in video

A trailer has just presented the new features of the famous FIFA Career Mode. It will necessarily be more immersive than ever.

Electronic Arts has provided us with a great series of videos to present the advantages of FIFA 23 in the coming days. After a comprehensive look at the on-pitch gameplay and HyperMotion 2 technology, it’s time for Career Mode improvements to be bragged about.

New interactive cinematics

For FIFA 23, the publisher has integrated new cutscenes that fit into a feature called Dynamic Moments. Over the past few years, the celebration cutscenes have been vastly improved (outpouring of joy, handing over of the cup, etc.) and the developers wanted to go further with transfers and discovering a new club.

Or how to go from power holder to luxury replacement. All these moments will have to be managed and it will now be possible to view them. It will also be possible during key moments, such as special attention from a major club concerning you or quite simply during a transfer, to participate in an interview with the coach (via a series of questions/answers). In the role of the coach, it will also be possible to access a complete report to improve your negotiations (obtaining a player at a better price, selecting an element that can blend into your squad, etc.). ”’

Exceptional casting coaches

Finally, the last feature, and not the least, focuses on the emblematic coaches of the major championships. This took a long time to arrive, but it is now a reality: FIFA 23 will allow you to embody the most famous managers in the discipline. From Klopp to Guardiola via Tuchel, you can personalize your virtual vis-à-vis and even opt for a different club from reality. Guardiola at Real? It’s possible in EA’s game! You can even put them at the head of your country club created from scratch! Yes, it promises sacred ubiquitous moments and it is not to displease us!

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