FIFA: Global Fut Cup to be held this weekend in São Paulo

With the growing wave of e-sports gaining more visibility at each event, several games compete for space in different regions of the planet to obtain investments and audiences. This was no different with Global Fut Pro, which decided to deliver, this weekend (September 14 and 15), the largest FIFA Pro Clubs 11×11 in-person championship, a huge step forward for virtual sports in Brazil. Held at the Live Arena, São Paulo, the awards will go beyond R $ 20,000, divided between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players.

With registration closed, it is worth mentioning the formation of the first FIFA Pro Clubs team 100% made up of women, wearing the mantle of Citizens Brasil, from the Brazilian fanbase of the English giant Manchester City.

“The visibility that the event will provide for clubs to publicize their brands, the opportunity that this event has to generate interest from possible sponsors for clubs looking to become professional, this is the biggest goal of Global Fut Pro, to show the potential of market that the sport has because virtual football (11×11) has been growing year after year in Brazil and in the world “, explains Olavo Bilac, responsible for the communication of Global Fut Pro.

(Source: Disclosure)

The Live Arena takes another step as a meeting point for the gamer ecosystem. We host major events and championships of other modalities and, now, we hope to also collaborate with the development of Fifa Pro Clubs. Consistent and well-structured projects are what the market needs and the community expects. The face-to-face finals of the Global Fut Cup will be a great attraction for the public and for the participants “, said Rodrigo Rivellino, creator of Live Arena, the first Brazilian multisport arena focused on electronic games.

If you are interested in seeing the FIFA eSports tournament, stay tuned on the Global Fut Cup Facebook page to see all the games between the 14th and 15th of September (this weekend).