Fights in Tight Spaces is the new title from the publisher Mode 7, company best known for its Frozen Synapse games. These games are the ones that have actually been published and developed by the company. In recent years, the team has branched out as a publisher. In 2017, they helped bring Tokyo 42 to market and, later in 2018, The Colonists.

Fights in Tight Spaces is the next game, and it’s a mix of well-structured tactical combat, deck-building card games and John Wick-style showmanship, all enriched with a very fascinating visual component similar to Superhot.

Below, you can see for yourself the announcement trailer for this inspired Fights in Tight Spaces:

Games like the rogue-like deck-builder Slay the Spire have undoubtedly been successful, but few can boast a visual component like that of Fights in Tight Spaces. The game includes over 150 cards for your deck builds. This is a lot of cards and that means you’ll be able to try out different builds to find the one that best suits your play style.

The team of Ground Shatter also points to replayability, with the addition of daily missions. Given the incredible number of options available to you, this mode seems incredibly suitable.

Fights in Tight Spaces will arrive in the course of 2020. For now, it seems that the title only points to the release on PC, however its mechanics make it suitable for mobile devices as well.

What do you think of Fights in Tight Spaces?

Source: Dualshockers.