Final Fantasy 15 DLC Episodes Release Announced

The release dates of the Final Fantasy 15 DLC Episodes are known. ‘Episode Gladiolus’ is the first episode. This one launches on March 28.

You play as a different character in each DLC Episode. In the first episode you play as Gladiolus. The second episode launches in June and focuses on Prompto. It is not yet known when the third episode with Ignis as the main character will be released.

Square Enix announced this news as part of Final Fantasy’s 30th anniversary. A Booster Pack will be released on February 21 prior to the first episode. The Booster Pack introduces a Magitek Exosuit that makes the player untouchable for 30 minutes.

The DLC Episodes are not the first expansions to be released for the game. In late 2016, Final Fantasy launched 15 Holiday Pack DLC. In addition, Final Fantasy 15 will get online multiplayer. The release date is not yet known.

Written by Mariëlle Salh.