Final Fantasy 15 E3 demo runs much better than previous builds – article

The Trial of the Titan frame-rate test, the Final Fantasy 15 Shown at Microsoft’s E3 presentation, it performs much better than the two previous playable demos, where the game struggled to hit 30fps. The E3 segment is taken straight from the main story and in comparison to Episode Duscae and the more recent Platinum Demo, the gameplay in this battle ran at nearly constant 30fps.

During the test we only saw a small sequence of dropped frames when Noctis and his team cast an ice spell. On top of that we also detected some incomplete frames but overall the demo showcases a substantial improvement over the shaky frame-rates that saw Xbox One chasing PS4. Here the 30fps is solid and particularly impressive given the wealth of alpha effects, with clouds of dust and missiles flying around the scene. The final version of the game will launch on September 30th but this is a clear sign that Square Enix’s optimization work is paying off.

Reports indicate that an even more recent build was circulating at the E3 show floor. This would be an even more up-to-date demo than the one shown at the Microsoft conference, examined in our tests. It appears that this second demo ran on both Xbox One and PS4, and corrected some of the control issues, while not eliminating the framing difficulties.

In an interview, director Hajime Tabata also confirmed a new user interface, and the team has a top priority on improving the AI ​​of allies before launch. Tabata also revealed, very candidly, the full resolution and frame-rate details of the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the build shown at E3. Rumors about using dynamic resolution on consoles date back to the Platinum demo, and this time around we finally got official configuration confirmation on each platform.

“For the Xbox One E3 demo, the dynamic resolution ranges from 800 to 900p, usually staying closer to 900p, with a constant 30 frames per second,” Tabata said. “So the performance is higher and more stable than Episode Duscae and Platinum Demo. There are still some slowdowns, usually when ordering allies, down to 26-27fps, but that doesn’t affect the experience. able to achieve these results for the E3 demo, the outlook for the final version of the game is positive. “

Tabata continues: “For the E3 PlayStation 4 demo, the dynamic resolution varies between 900p and 1080p. Most of the time it is 1080p with a constant 30fps. Sometimes, like on Xbox One, there are slight slowdowns when the GPU can’t calculate what’s happening on screen fast enough, but we’re almost always on 30fps. But we’ll continue to refine and optimize the game for as long as possible. “

These are signs of progress for Final Fantasy 15 on the home straight towards launch on September 30th. In our previous analysis the game exhibited slow frame-rates which penalized excellent art direction, and it’s nice to see these changes. However, it is not clear if this specific demo shown at E3 will be made available to the public via PSN and Xbox Marketplace, but in any case, fans of the series will not have to wait long to see the final product.

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