Final Fantasy 15: how to level up fast

Final Fantasy 15 It has all the experience and leveling mechanisms that you can expect in a large-scale, budget RPG, although it takes an interesting approach to the way this works in-game.

There are several ways to gain experience that are quite useful, and there are also several ways to multiply the experience you earn for maximum impact in the game. Final Fantasy 15 has its fair share of post-game missions that require a much higher level than you need to complete the story, and that means you’ll want to max out every EXP point you get. This is our guide to help you along the way.

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Step one: how to earn a lot of EXP fast

The main story in Final Fantasy 15 gives you experience to spare, but the fastest way to gain experience is to dive right into the side missions.

Side missions give you EXP in two different ways. Most of them will throw a few enemies at you, and you will also get large amounts of EXP when you confirm that you have completed the mission. The only exception are hunts, which offer monsters that give you a large amount of EXP after killing them, but you only receive money and items when you bring your objective to an NPC in a restaurant.

To locate side missions in FF15 take a look at your map and look for the icons with a yellow question mark. Note that these icons can sometimes get lost on the map – a lot of these quest-starting NPCs are in cities and outposts, which are already filled with icons. Sometimes the question mark may be hidden under another icon.

A little tip: you can disable icon types on the map, so to follow the side quests disable the rest of the icons for a moment and take a look at the clean map.

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In any case, these are the fastest ways to gain experience: side missions and fighters. Do a lot of both, but keep step two in mind.

Step two: eat regularly to get bonus EXP and other improvements

We cannot fail to indicate how important it is to eat. Not in the real world (well, in the real world too, but you understand us already), but in the world of FF15. Eating the dishes at Ignis or at restaurants brings huge bonuses, and towards the end of the game these bonuses can become vital to surviving a dungeon or eliminating an especially tough boss.

We are not so interested in healing and attack bonuses for the purpose of this guide, so we are going to detail the foods in the game that can enhance your experience. This is a list of the ones we have found, plus the necessary ingredients or the restaurant in which to find them.

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How to cook or find foods that increase EXP

  • Stacked Ham Sandwich: + 50% EXP (and +200 HP) – Cooked by Ignis. The ingredients are Garula Sirloin, Fire Gighee Ham; Root of Aegir.
  • Mother Child Rice Bowl: + 30% EXP (and + 50% Item Drop, +1000 HP) – Cooked by Ignis. Requires Coke Egg, Birdbeast Egg, Saxham Rice.
  • Royal Banquet Canape: + 50% EXP (and +75 to Strength / Magic) – Cooked by Ignis. Requires Arapaima Roe, Kettier Ginger, and Allural Shallot.
  • Baked Lasagna: +100 EXP (and +4000 HP) – Cooked by Ignis. Requires level 9 cooking and ingredients Jabberwock’s Sirloin, Cleigne’s Dark Shell, and Cleigne’s Fine Wheat.
  • Galdin Gratin: + 10% EXP (and + 50% Strength / Magic, +500 HP) – Mother of Pearl Restaurant in Galdin Wharf.
  • Three-Decker Fat Chocobo: + 50% EXP (and +400 HP) – Chocobo Wiz’s outpost after completing the ‘A Winged Feast’ side quest.
  • Fine Cavia Canape: + 50% EXP (and +75 to Strength / Magic) – Maagho, Altissa.
  • Maagho Lasagna: +100 EXP (and +4000 HP) – Maagho, Altissa.

Use the EXP bonuses correctly to level up fast

FF15 has an interesting way of processing experience gained through missions and fights. All saved experience must be ‘stored’ sleeping. This can be done camping or in a slightly more luxurious place, such as a hotel.

Depending on where you sleep, you can receive an experience bonus. The best place to sleep in the world is the Royal Suite at Leville in Alsitssa: triple the experience bonus in exchange for 30,000 giles per night.

A little sooner you can find a hotel in Galdin Wharf that costs 10,000 gil, but gives you a 2x bonus to EXP.

In any case, the key to this is simple: keep in mind the bonus of the area where you can stay. You can get a 1.5 EXP bonus for just 300 gil in some places, which is not bad at all. Always try to save EXP in a place that gives you a good bonus.