Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: Crossover Event with Final Fantasy 8 starts today

Starting today, a crossover event with Final Fantasy 8 is running in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

In the course of this, you can join the elite SeeD mercenary troops afterwards, fight against powerful opponents and earn new rewards.

“The cult characters Squall, Rinoa and Xell are available through a special summon and can be added to the team of players,” it says. “Squall and Rinoa have been improved for a global audience compared to their Japanese originals.”

The FF8 exploration area is available starting today and the event runs until August 16.

Certain units are now able to become more powerful than before due to the recent upgrade to 7-star form.

“By fulfilling some conditions, fan favorites like Lightning, Dunkelritter Cecil, Luneth, Orlandeau, Gilgamesch, Olive, Dunkel-Seewind-Fina, Dunkel-Fina, Wilhelm, Marie, Ramza and Delita can now be upgraded to 7-star form. “