Recently, Square Enix released the 1.02 update for Final Fantasy IX Remaster that removes a bug that has bothered many fans: a looping that makes the music of the world restart every time the player leaves the battle. The glitch has now been fixed, but only on the PS4 version.

The reason is unknown, but only the PlayStation 4 version of Final Fantasy IX received the 1.02 patch that corrects the problem – which is annoying, as we pointed out in our review. Basically, gambling is stuck only in the first minute of the world’s music, as the battles are frequent and the music always starts over.

We’ve heard your feedback, and have patched #FinalFantasy IX on # PS4 (version 1.02) so background music will not restart after every battle or Tetra Master match.

We can also confirm that we’re working to fix this issue on #NintendoSwitch, #Xbox One, #Windows 10 and #Steam.

– FINAL FANTASY (@FinalFantasy) June 27, 2019

The situation of only the PS4 receiving the update is strange, even more if we take into account that in Final Fantasy VII, which presents the same bug, only the Switch and Xbox One had the problem fixed and the other consoles were left out. However, Square later confirmed in an official tweet that the PC, Xbox One and Switch versions will also receive the patch.

Final Fantasy IX is available for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS and PC.

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