Final Fantasy VII Remake day one broken, beware of spoilers!

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released next April 10 on PlayStation 4, so there are still a couple of weeks before we can get our hands on Square-Enix’s new / old creature. Unfortunately, it seems that the first copies of the game are already available in some stores and that someone has already owned them.

The news comes from both Twitter and Reddit, with photos showing several copies of the Deluxe Edition already available, complete with unboxing to show its contents. Those who have immortalized this situation, stated that they will not publish spoilers of the game, but if in doubt, we invite you to take the necessary precautions to prevent someone from deciding to spoil the surprise. Although this is a remake, no one would like to see the unreleased contents anticipated.

A similar situation had also occurred with Kingdom Hearts III: some copies had ended up in the hands of some players, weeks before the official launch and the network had quickly become a nest of spoilers, which had angered the director not a little Tetsuya Nomura. Who knows how he will react this time.

Square-Enix has warned that physical copies of the title, booked in the various online stores, could be delayed due to the coronavirus, while those booked in its Store should arrive at day-one. Surely, none of them will have read this news with a smile on their face.

Copies of Final Fantasy VII Remake (Deluxe Edition) already in the wild

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