Final Fantasy VII Remake may be a recreation of a previous game in the series, but Square Enix is ​​giving it the treatment worthy of a new numbered entry in the franchise. According to producer Yoshinare Kitase, the team responsible is a mix of people who worked on the original version with a new team of younger developers.

In an interview with Destructoid, the producer explained that Final Fantasy VII is a “defining title in the history of video games” and that there is a lot of pressure to “do something incredible” with the remake. He explains that the developers are trying to deepen the story and the characters and that they want to imagine this world again without having to make any concessions.

New technologies

Among the improvements of the remake is the fact that currently Square Enix can work with motion capture and voice acting, elements that were not available for the original RPG. The intention, according to Kitase, is that Final Fantasy VII Remake surprises players, something that also involves expanding limits, ensuring a good experience for both veterans and novices.

Until the PlayStation 4 exclusive, the Final Fantasy VII remake will have its first chapter hitting stores on March 3rd. Square Enix promises to deliver an adventure of considerable size and has already confirmed that the first part will be offered on two Blu-Rays in its physical version.