Final Fantasy VIII Remastered was finally announced during E3 2019 and completes the games of the PS1 franchise that could arrive remastered in the current generation. Now Square Enix has revealed more details of the game, which will arrive on consoles with the same facilitators that other games have.

In total, there are three tools that facilitate the game: accelerated gameplay speed by 3 times, removing random encounters and improving battles (how to maximize the ATB bar, heal HP and fill the special bar). Although two of them are almost “cheats”, the accelerated speed is certainly welcome.

Following the tradition, the PC version will have even more options. In addition to playing with certain aspects of the graphics, owners of the computer edition will also be able to: acquire all items, skills, special moves and cards from Triple Triad (the Final Fantasy VIII cardgame) and reach the maximum limits of GF (the summons ), Gil and spells.

If it is similar to what we saw in Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster on PC, these modifiers can only be activated once and cannot be turned off, that is, the consequences are permanent.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will arrive on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and PC in 2019, but it doesn’t have a certain release date so far.

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