Final Fantasy XI villain is the new character of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Square Enix has announced a new addition to the cast of the fighting game Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. After including characters like Rinoa from Final Fantasy 8 and Locke from Final Fantasy 6, the company announced that villain Kam’Lanaut from Final Fantasy XI will appear in the game.

Square Enix MMORPG fans can get excited about the participation of the Archduke of Jeuno, who will be part of the cast of Dissidia Final Fantasy in its PS4 version, as well as the arcade version of the game. In arcades, the villain should be included later this month, while on the console it should arrive, through an update, in October.

Square Enix has released a trailer, which also shows the character’s reworked graphics for the new generation.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT was released for PS4 only in January 2018 and you can check Voxel’s analysis of the game by clicking here.