If after hours and hours of fighting against hordes of enemies you are looking for a different challenge than usual, you don’t have to go further because this particular Final Fantasy XV dungeon is just for you.

This is a truly remarkable challenge that could discourage most and that is proposed as a real breakthrough content. There are no enemies, there are no bosses, just lots of platforming sections. Yes, you got it right, inside the Ruins of Pitioss , Square Enix’s latest effort turns into a puzzle-platform.

Below you will find a classic textual explanation with lots of images and a video, published by the HarryNinetyFour channel, which will surely prove useful on more than one occasion.

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How to complete the Ruins of Pitioss

To complete this dungeon, arm yourself with a lot of patience and good will because it will be a truly remarkable challenge and you will necessarily need a few hours to be able to explore the area far and wide. The guide will naturally give you the information you need to overcome the most obvious obstacles and avoid running into too many problems.

Before devoting ourselves to the (inevitably complicated) textual explanation, here is a video walkthrough:

A curiosity: there are also those who completed the dungeon in just six minutes :

One of the requisites to be able to complete this dungeon is to own the Regalia Type F, or the modification that transforms your car into a flying vehicle. We have dedicated a guide page to explain how to get the flying Regalia.

In the west of the map, north of the volcano, there is a small isolated road. You will have to land right here and in doing so you will have to be especially careful. Arrive from the south and go down as far as possible and as soon as you pass the obstacles hold “X” on PlayStation 4 and “A” on Xbox One to be able to land. When you land, save so you don’t have to repeat the operation.

Here is the area where you will need to land with your Regalia.

Continue between the rocks in a northwest direction and after a while you should see a small building in the distance that represents your goal. Always continue north-west until you cross a small path. Continue up the steps, jump through the opening to the right of the railings. Around 9 PM, at sunset, the switch in front of you should start to light up. Press it and go down to the actual dungeon.

The entrance to the Ruins of Pitioss.

Part One

We have decided to divide the textual explanation of the dungeon into several parts. Following each instruction carefully could be complicated and therefore relying on the video walkthrough could be a good solution in case of doubts.

Go under the moving spikes and go up using the platform, on the other side go down and turn right. Pass the large moving stone block to enter a passage and then pass another moving block. Turn right and you will have to make a few jumps. Climb up the slope, turn right, hit the rock (a red face) to destroy it. Continue and turn right to climb up another slope.

Climb the slope on the left and from the platform at the top jump onto the narrow column and then onto the platform. Turn right to face the metal railings and jump to the ledge in front of it. Jump through the small gap in the railings to another particularly narrow ledge and then drop downstairs.

Go inside the passage, keep left and run across the top of the moving blocks to the ledge in front of you. Go under three groups of moving spikes then jump to hit the lighted switch. Wait for the elevator to stop then destroy another red rock to open a passage to the starting area. Jump on the small pillar you find and then on the platform ahead, turn and go down the slope. Drop down to the next one again and hit the switch releasing the big iron ball, a kind of giant marble.

Go back to the moving spikes you passed earlier and then jump to the statue below. Jump on the ball you released earlier and press the lighted switch to release another ball which will behead a large statue. Head behind the now destroyed head, turn right and step onto the dais, pass the remains of the statue’s arm and press the switch to release the last ball which will open the door to the next area.

Part Two

Jump the ball and pillars to go to the spinning spikes in the distance. Jump left, go through the gaps and pass another iron ball, hit the switch on the other side and quickly jump inside the opening as it starts spinning, then turn around again and stand in the outer corner behind the small object. sticking out of the wall. As it rotates you will end up standing on that object sticking out. Rotate on yourself, face the direction of rotation and look down. You will see hot spikes at the bottom and a small space to jump into. It will not be an easy leap.

Here’s where you need to jump.

With the right timing you will activate another switch and another ball will be released. Follow it and then jump across the three pillars. Jump to the lowest bent beam, walk to the top, jump to the one on the right and after doing the same thing again, jump to the one on the right. Head to the statue and then go down the stairs. Press the switch to open one of the doors, then go back up the stairs and jump from the metal beam to the stone ledge positioned against the wall. Jump to the next ledge then over the door and turn left.

Part Three

In front you will find a block of spikes that moves horizontally and two vertically. Timing the jump to pass through the opening in front of you and quickly move to the end of the ledge to avoid the spikes returning behind you.

Turn around and face the wall of moving spikes. You have to jump on top of the one closest to you. Stand in the middle to avoid the two sets of spikes above, then turn and jump when the area you are on starts to drop. Quickly run along the ledge and turn left onto another moving block. Stand on it then jump to the top of the next ones and drop down on another switch to open the door in the opposite area.

Drop down and go through the open door. Move to the left then wait for the rotating spikes on the ledge and move to the right. Jump left of the spikes to the next ledge, move slightly to the right and then jump between the two sets of spikes ahead of you. Climb to the upper level and jump on top of the rotating spikes to reach the opening at the end.

You are now above the door. Turn right and jump to the particularly narrow ledge, jump to the small platform and then to the beam that crosses the room and continue over the door to get to the other side. Wait for the gap in the rotating stone cylinder and jump inside. Run to the other side and jump to the platform. Go up the ramps and turn right and then jump into the gap and the next rotating cylinder. Then onto the platform in the corner (look for a platform above you).

Jump into the opening of the last cylinder and when you land turn and jump to the platform that you can see from the corner. From here, turn around again and jump out of the cylinder and then onto the ledge ahead. Go up the ramp and then slide to the other side to press another button.

Part Four

Jump down and go through the open door. Stand on the moving stone platform, avoid the spikes on the left, step behind these spikes and then jump onto the small platform in the far left area and flatten yourself as much as possible against the wall. Moving the platform will drop you onto a ledge below. Move to its limit and jump, turn left and heal on the ramp, then face the spikes. The stone slab moves towards you. Jump on it, run to its limit and jump to the right. Landing in the exact area won’t be easy and the mistake is just around the corner.

Wait for another stone slab to appear, jump on it and head to the end of the spiked wall. Go through the two groups of spikes, follow the stone slab, jump to the ledge you find about halfway and wait until you see another slab emerge from the other side. Jump over the spikes and stand on the slab until it passes the pillar on the left. At this point, turn left and jump up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs turn left and proceed carefully along the top of the spiked wall. Eventually jump to the block of spikes and follow this wall, jump to the stone block at the end and then through the metal ramp. Carefully navigate between the groups of spikes on the right and jump down to the switch below being careful not to hit any spikes surrounding it. Jump to the floor below and return to the central corridor. The door at the end is now rotating so wait until it moves towards you. Jump on it and then quickly move to the left of the hinge and stop on the ledge. Wait for the door to rotate again and as it moves down jump and run to the next area.

Part Five

Wait for the giant mechanism to start moving and then jump down, run to the left and jump across the platform just below the red block. Follow the platforms along the wall, turn right at the end, quickly jump onto the pillar, onto the stone block and then to the stairs below. Wait for the mechanism to pass to the right, then run over the metal bars and stay there. Stand on them until you reach the back of the room, jump to the platform at the end and then follow the path to the center of the room. Go down the ramp in the central area and look up waiting for the mechanism to pass on the left.

Run to the top of the ramp and into the mechanism. Climb the ramp inside, jump to the stone platform when it passes, turn left and turn until you are under the hand sticking out of the wall. Wait for the mechanism to come back, jump to the beam in the back and use it to cross and get to the stone block behind the hand.

Go down and climb the stairs and then go down again on the other side and wait for the structure to come back. Enter the gap on the side, go up another ramp, turn around 180 degrees and jump to the platform. At the farthest point moving right, jump, turn right, climb the stairs and then the ramp making your way between the stone beams, and jump through the gap in front of you. Turn right and move to the end then wait for the car to return and then jump back into it.

Climb to the top, jump across the platform between the bars and drop over the skull between the horns. Wait for it to approach the slope, jump on it, turn left and then jump around the stone platforms. Destroy the remaining stone boulder to create a useful shortcut in case you fall and then move up the ramp.

Once at the top wait for the car to approach, jump onto the platform and immediately move to the outermost part on the left. Jump up the steps, turn left at the top and continue on the metal beam. Jump on the stone ledge, go up the stairs and then continue on the metal beams until you reach the upper area.

Wait for the car to pass below you, drop onto the highest platform and then when it is in the furthest area you can reach, jump onto the walkway and into the crevice to hit the switch.

Part Six

Drop down on the ledges below until you come to a stone structure that is tilted 45 degrees. From now on it will be almost all tilted or in strange positions and therefore we will be faced with a rather confusing section. Turn left, continue forward and cross the top of the rock. Move up a bit until you find a piece of rock that protrudes slightly and from there jump to the platform ahead. Turn around and jump to the next beam and enter the passage on the left.

Jump down to the end of the stone beam, turn around and move to the top of the slope, then turn left and jump to the next platform. Jump again and then turn right and drop to a narrow beam below. Turn around and continue down and turn left at the end. Continue along the short tunnel you find and turn to the right (you should see some metal bars) Once you have crossed the area continue up on the left and then go down on the metal bars at the top. Move to the far side and then jump to another group of bars. From the far side, jump back to another stone beam.

Continue to the top and onto a wider beam, then drop down and follow the stones turning right. Eventually jump on the stone above the metal bars (it seems impossible but this is not the first oddity). Then go down behind the bars and turn right to the side of the ramp.

It seems impossible but you have to jump here.

Continue on the metal beam, turn right to the stone platform, then turn left and drop onto the top of the two ledges below you. Drop to the next one, then go down the slope and around the corner. Turn left and walk into a small room, then turn left and go through the small crevice to get to the other side. Drop down and continue until you drop into the rotating cylinder below.

Part Seven

Get off the first cylinder and slide down the particularly steep slope. Drop down to the next cylinder and jump to the right and then drop to a narrow ledge near the block moving from top to bottom. Drop to the top of the slope and then slide down. Jump onto the rotating cylinder, then onto the small ledge at the bottom of the screen. Wait for the block to move up then jump to the left below it. Slide down the slope and then eventually move to the left while jumping over a series of gaps. The former are simple but the latter two are not easily calculable and visible. Once done, go up the steps in the center of the screen.

Part Eight

After passing this particular 2D section the game will return to third person as you run up the steps and you will eventually find yourself on a beam. It has a few holes and is slightly bent so don’t run too fast. Jump to the stone ledge at the top and move towards the statue. The platform will start moving. Head to the right side of the screen and down to a ledge. Drop down at the end and then go back until you get to the opening on the left. Head along the passage, exit the tunnel. Jump to the metal platform at the end and everything will start spinning again. Keep heading along the ledge and as it rotates keep jumping “down” as the new ledge moves to the bottom.

When you reach the rock platform, turn around and head to the right. Jump over the chasm and turn right over the ramp (in the meantime everything will keep turning). Keep standing in the far left corner, drop down into the hole at the end and then into another hole again. Hold the non-moving wall to your right and head up and when you reach the hole wait until the part you are standing on is level with the rest, jump and rotate 180 degrees. Move to the right of the hole and wait for everything to rotate enough for you to walk over the small rock on the right side. At the top jump to the next stone ledge, head down and jump using the larger rocks on the left.

Head down to the bottom and turn right. The statue should appear in the distance in the shadows, so jump over the hole and head to the statue’s chest. It will slowly start to tip over and when it stops, climb onto its right arm up to the sword. Drop onto the metal grate above the sword guard and proceed with caution. You will slide down the slope and take some fall damage when you get to the bottom.

Part Nine

The floor will turn into an elevator and emerge into a long, dark tunnel with lots of items to collect. Grab the entire loot and continue along the small metal ledge. When it shrinks, keep to the right and instead of continuing upwards, position at the top, where the widest part is. Carefully move forward and drop down onto the metal grate below. Continue forward on the other side (be careful to stay away from the curved area of ​​the metal grate as you will slide and meet your death) and then jump to the right.

Move to the far left corner where the bars are shorter than the rest and then drop to the grate below. Being careful to stay away from the bent bars, make your way until you come to another metal beam. Climb on the narrowest portion until you meet the widest portion and then turn around and continue on to the widest section. Keep left and continue until the passage narrows. Move over the top and then drop down by jumping to the statue on the right.

Go to the back of the state, drop onto the metal beam and stand at the end of it. Jump to the next beam and then stand on the narrow part and jump to the wider area. Head to the top, turn around and jump to the metal grate below.

Follow the metal tunnel then enter the small opening you will find and continue on the stone steps below. At the top of the welcome, follow the passage, drop on the switch at the end and go through the door you will see.

Part Ten

From the door, turn right and jump onto the ledge of rock and then through the holes to the narrow passage on the right. Go up the ramp at the end and at the top watch out for the spikes. Follow the passage until you find yourself in a large room. Walk on the metal beam, jump to the one on your left then move to the right of the ramp and go down the stone steps. Destroy the red rock face, collect the loot then climb the steps and ramp again. Jump to the metal ledge and then to the pillars and beam. The area below should be familiar to you.

Head to the corner of the walls and go down the ramp, destroy another stone head and create a shortcut this way. Then go up the steps. Jump between the beams and onto the platform behind the “metal fence”, then go down the ramps and onto the rocks avoiding contact with the spikes. Jump onto the vertically moving stone block, then onto the stones and then jump behind them to the right to hit the switch. From the switch, jump down to the left above the top of an open door, jump to the ledge against the wall and then to the red switch to open the door below.

Instead of continuing through the door, go up the staircase, turn and walk along the beam to the top of the door, jump to the next metal beam, climb to the top, jump to the next and walk to the top. Jump onto the pillar and then the beam behind the rock block, to the hidden pillar against the wall and then through the small gap to another switch. Drop to the floor below (between the two moving platforms) Go down the stairs and continue on the beam, jump to the new open door then follow the platforms, ledge and particularly narrow stone beam. Destroy the stone face and then hit the switch at the top of the stairs.

The Black Bandana.

When the elevator reaches the top, continue towards the small opening you find and collect the Black Bandana, an item that will allow you to automatically avoid enemy attacks in most cases. This is the only real reason that pushes you in this area beyond the desire to try your hand at the challenge guaranteed by the Ruins of Pitioss.

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