The rumors that we told you a few days ago have finally been confirmed. Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition is a reality. further We have learned that it will be released alongside the PC version and will receive new content.

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition will arrive on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 6, along with the PC version.

As is evident, this Royal Edition will include the base game along with all content and DLC’s new ones that have been reaching the title of Square enix since its launch on the market. In addition to all this, a new dungeon has been included along with a new version of a map of insomnia expanded with new sectors, with new enemies and of course, new missions to perform. One detail that we have loved is that The Final Fantasy XV ship will now be playable by players.

All unlockable content like weapons, different car bodies and many more objects will be available in this version.

Regarding the gameplay, this version includes a first-person camera. In this way, we can see the wonderful world in which this delivery of Final Fantasy XV, through the eyes of Noctis.

We have also known that anyone who has the game can get all the content of this edition and all the extras and DLC for only $ 19.99 (We imagine that in our country it will be 19.99 euros).

And what about the PC edition?

Well, as with the desktop platforms of Xbox One and PC, all the additional content of this Royal Edition, will also be available in the edition of PC, which will be released on the market the same day. As expected, this version will offer compatibility with a 4K resolution native reaching a maximum resolution of 8K, and HDR10.

What do you think of this news? Are you looking forward to the Royal Edition?