Final Fantasy XV – The best way to level up and earn Skill Points fast

Every self-respecting RPG, whether it is the Japanese sub-genre or the action one, is united by a progression of the characters used and the need to obtain experience to level up and to unlock more powerful skills thanks to which to survive the most desperate situations and complicated.

Final Fantasy XV obviously offers its own progression system and does so through the classic experience but also by exploiting the Skill Points to be used in the Ascension menu.

To get experience and AP quickly there are some small tricks and activities that may escape you but fortunately our guide comes to your rescue with a page dedicated to this topic. Among tricks, goodies, secondary activities and much more we will also reveal some areas suitable for farming.

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How to level up quickly

Experience is the basis of progression within Final Fantasy XV and there is no shortage of ways to get it faster or to take advantage of special bonuses that can guarantee a considerable boost. It will not be enough to obtain experience simply from the main story (however rather generous in this respect) to dedicate yourself to particularly demanding endgame quests but you will also have to embark on other activities.

The secondary missions give a hand not just in this sense and allow you to get experience both by defeating the enemies that will stand in front of you and simply by completing the quest and returning to those who entrusted it to you. Only the hunting missions guarantee a lot of experience once you defeat the target and not when you return to those who entrusted you with the undertaking.

Side missions can be found within the map and are indicated by a yellow marker. Much of these missions are found in areas around cities or outposts.

Take advantage of food

Eating particular foods regularly in restaurants or relying on Ignis’ cooking is one of the main ways to take advantage of particular buffs. There are improvements to health and attacks but the most interesting, probably, are those related to a percentage increase in the experience obtained. The advice is therefore what we had already given you previously: get as many recipes as possible and visit as many restaurants as possible.

The importance of shelters

Sleeping is essential to “collect the experience and doing it in certain places has more or less obvious advantages. Every type of accommodation, refuge or hotel has bonuses related to the experience. A Royal Suite at the Leville in Altissa allows you to get a 3x bonus but it costs 30,000 gil per night and is therefore not that advantageous.

A good area, in this sense, is the hotel on Galdin Quay which at a cost of 10,000 gil guarantees a 2x bonus. Keeping an eye on the bonus guaranteed by each area is, therefore, highly advisable.

The best way to get Skill Points

To unlock new skills in the Ascension screen you need Skill Points and to get these points there are several more or less simple and effective ways. Getting experience points and leveling up is important, but Skill Points aren’t tied to experience alone.

Skill Points are also gained by completing quests but also by responding in specific ways in discussions or fighting in a certain way, often suggested by your companions before battle. In any case, these APs can also be obtained in other ways such as defeat an enemy with a throw or a parry, create a field in a new area (1 AP) or complete the Tours, side quests that are real favors to your companions (20 AP).

Beyond these activities, we must also not underestimate those skills that guarantee easy earning of Skill Points. For this reason, try to unlock these particular skills as soon as possible in order to immediately have significant advantages. Many skills are found in the Exploration section of the Ascension menu.

Some areas suitable for farming

Whether you want to call it grinding or farming in the early stages of the game there are some areas in which to stop for a certain period in order to get the greatest amount of experience possible.

These are particular areas that will give you the opportunity to collect a lot of experience by taking advantage of the almost infinite spawning of enemies. Here are two areas that might be right for you:

  • In the secondary mission “The Aspiring Artisan” of Chapter 2 there is an area near a mineral where the imperial troops continue to spawn with an increasingly higher level. By killing these enemies you will gain experience but also several good quality items.
  • In the area just above the H in the Three Valleys area there is a sort of cemetery with wolves and small birds around. This is a useful area for those who need experience but also Skill Points that can be obtained using the projections.

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