Final Fantasy XV will have final episode of Active Time Report on March 26

Celebrating the launch of the additional content “Episode Ardyn” from Final Fantasy XV that will happen next Tuesday, Square Enix announced, through its official Japanese blog, that it will make the last “Active Time Report” of the game.

The broadcast will take place on March 26 – the same day of the launch of the last DLC – starting at 8pm (Japan local time). Brazilian fans will be able to follow the event from 8am (Brasília time) through YouTube and NicoNico.

The “Active Time Report” is a program focused on bringing information and news about Final Fantasy XV. Previously it was presented by Hajime Tabata and his team, but with the departure of the director of Square Enix, its last edition will be attended by Akio Ofuji, global director of Final Fantasy XV, Yuji Shinoda, producer of “Episode Ardyn”, and the director Takefumi Takeda.

For the last episode of the program, Square Enix promises to bring the latest information about the Final Fantasy XV novel entitled “The Dawn of the Future”, in addition to more details and unpublished gameplay of the new DLC “Episode Ardyn”.

Final Fantasy XV is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The additional content “Epysode Ardyn” will be released for the three platforms on March 26.