Jason Schreier seems to have squeezed his sources and learned something and that about the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI JRPG.

At Sony’s latest premiere, he pulled the veil off Final Fantasy XVI, but we didn’t learn too much about the project. The announcement trailer was downright spectacular and exciting, but back then we didn’t seem to be even close to the release date.

However, according to insider information, the release will be due sooner than we believe: Jason Schreier, a well-known video game journalist and leak, was the last guest on the Triple Click podcast, where he scattered a couple of unofficial crumbs of information.

He claims Square Enix has been working on the project for four years and has crossed several milestones. We don’t know the exact release date yet, but Schreier says we don’t have to expect an endless waiting time.

Final Fantasy XVI is coming to PlayStation 5. Are you waiting?

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