Finally available the Google Docs application in the Android Market

We finally have Google Docs as a native application on Android . A move that was expected since the mobile version of Google Docs was launched, which allowed editing documents. After Google Reader comes the application to manage documents in the cloud natively with some extra functionality to take advantage of our mobile when accessing, editing and sharing documents.

From our Android mobile we can upload documents and, most importantly, toopen documents directly from Gmail. Also if we want to have all our documents at hand we can install the widget on home screen: view our favorite documents, take a photo and then upload it or create a new document quickly.

Google Docs incorporates a quite interesting function: the optical character recognition (OCR) so we can upload a photo with text and edit it directly in Google Docs. I guess taking advantage of some of the recognition technology that we have already seen in Goggles.

As soon as we install it we will have access to all documents in our Google account, since we give access to our credentials, so at the moment we can do what we want with them. All documents are perfectly synchronized.