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Find the coolest player on the island in Fortnite, challenge season 3 chapter 3

Find the coolest player on the island in Fortnite, challenge season 3 chapter 3

Every week in Fortnite, new quests are available for all players! Some of them come out on Tuesdays, and the others are available on Thursdays from 3 p.m. This week is no exception to the rule, since new challenges are to be completed to obtain XP! Some of them are more complicated to achieve, which is why we help you with this guide.

How to find the coolest player on the island in Fortnite?

This quest is completely new, and requires find the coolest player in the game. But who is it exactly, and above all, where is it? The answer is not very complicated, and is even rather fun. In effect, the coolest player on the island is you !

To complete this quest, you will simply… having to look at yourself in a mirror. You will then see a winking smiley appear, letting you know that your challenge is successful! Mirrors can be found in many places on the island, but you will mainly find them in houses or dwellings. This quest should therefore be very simple and very quick to complete.

Where to find the coolest player in Fortnite

With the Week 8 quest now available, players are tasked with finding the coolest player on the Fortnite island to earn 15,000 XP. Who exactly is the most stylish and amazing player in the whole game? Do you need to meet a Fortnite developer in game? Well no, not at all! In fact, the challenge is easier than you think.

You see, the coolest player on the island of fortnite is none other than you. So to complete this quest, you will need to find a mirror and see your reflection in it. We’ll let you know where to find you so you can complete your Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass earlier.

Finding Fortnite’s Coolest Player

As we mentioned, finding a mirror that triggers quest completion is relatively difficult, luckily for you, we’ve done the homework so you don’t have to – to find a mirror, we recommend landing on Tilted Towers at this location.

In this building you will find bathrooms with mirrors. To complete the quest, simply stand in front until your character is mirrored, like the image below:

And There you go! Nothing quite like good old Epic Games pumping you up for those sweet Victory Royales. Also, did you really expect anyone else to be the coolest player in all of Fortnite?

Of course, there are more places where you can find mirrors and gain XP, however, this place in Tilted Towers is good because once you complete the mission, the landmark is filled with amazing loot to get you on your way.

How the interactive screen can capture the attention of students in class?

Presentation of the interactive screen

A 65-inch interactive digital display is a device qualified as giant touch pad to interact with its users. Its luminous surface can display representations of all kinds:

It has different features that have the advantage of attracting the attention of students in class. Moreover, with its 4K high resolution screen, 1080p image quality is possible. In addition, to offer a more pleasant teaching to the pupils, the screen placed on the wall support can be turned in order toget a better view.

The giant digital screen, a new source of learning

– a versatile tool

With a giant touch screen, schoolchildren can now actively participate in class. Indeed, the device is equipped with a stylus allowing students as well as teachers to write on the board and to perform many activities using this medium (handling, highlighting texts, drawing, calculating, etc. .).

In addition, it is also possible to use the tactile device with the fingers, so that the little ones can learn to write attractively. With this multimedia tool, lessons will be much more animated and therefore more interesting for learners.

– advantageous equipment for teaching

Digital screens facilitate the flow of lessons. Via these, teachers can have very quick access to educational apps and software. And it does not stop there, the tool alleviates certain learning difficulties, especially for writing and reading.

Learning with an interactive screen is study in a fun way, as it highlights attractive images, videos, sounds and colors. Teacher presentations and lessons become less boring to students, allowing them to get more out of their studies.

Digital touch screens, school support

As you will have understood, this new technology has many benefits, especially in national education. Because thanks to its use, students are more concentrated in class and therefore have better school results. In addition, this multimedia support has a real positive impact on student motivation during class hours. Indeed, it helps learners to participate more to the lessons. By stimulating users’ visual memory, it contributes to the reduction of students’ moments of inattention.

In summary, giant touch screens have become essential for education, given their many benefits. Through these, students can study while having fun. In addition, the tool offers young students the possibility of being more involved in class, which improves their results.

What is the point of having an interactive screen in the school classroom?

What is an interactive screen?

In a school class, the interactive screen contributes to bring positive change to teaching and learning methods. Its purpose is to cContribute to the improvement of teaching processes as well as promote student involvement and interest, and finally of facilitate interactions between teachers and students.

It only works with high-performance computer technologiesin order to guarantee a efficiency and an speed when using it. It is also called interactive whiteboard by teachers.

Why use this type of screen?

There is absolutely no reason to bother with a blackboard, and use chalk that will create dust and be messy. The same goes for the whiteboard, which requires erasable markers. If you can use an interactive whiteboard, modern, easy to use and understandbut also allows you to win time during your teachings, why hesitate? The easier your working method is for you, the better. This will make it easier for your students to understand. The simpler and more effective, the better!

The very first interactive screen dates back to 1991. It is only in 2007 what’we are beginning to find it in classroomsthat it is used in meetings… If you still can’t imagine what this revolutionary tool is, it’s justa giant tabletquite simply.

What are the advantages of the interactive screen?

Table or screen, choose the term that best suits you. It’s exactly the same. However, the pen display probably has many advantages that you ignore. Here are a few :

What is the interest of the interactive whiteboard?

Now you know what an interactive whiteboard is, how to use it, and some of its benefits. However, what is the point of having a screen to interact in a school class? Does it make sense? In a world where digital occupies a more than important place, teaching children to discover it and use it is absolutely essential. They surely have at least one electronic device at home, and are in constant contact with technology.

Therefore, the interest of opting for this tool, it is to give the possibility to the children to be autonomous. Being able to interact will attract their curiosity, and they will be much more interested in what they are learning. Thereby, the school plays its role of educatorr, and empower students. Classes become more interestingmuch more attractive and appealing. That promotes their desire to learn and of discover new things and maximizes their ability to concentrate and remember.